Monday, April 19, 2010

What Happens in this DoJo, does not necessarily STAY in this DoJo

Yesterday we drove up to my parents house for a family dinner. On the way we saw a couple peeps on motorcycles. We all noticed that these guys had one hand on the accelerator and the other hand resting on their left leg.

My kids asked why.

We explained that their hand and arms probably got tired and maybe even went to sleep while these guys were driving. At that point I made the comment that I had no idea how motorcyclists drove their bikes, especially the ones where the handlebars are literally above their heads.

Fast forward a few hours.

We're on our way home and I glance to the back seat. Both my children have their arms raised high above their heads, for no apparent reason.

Me: What are you doing?
Them: Seeing if we could drive one of those motorcycles all the way home?
Me: Why?
Them: {Laughter}

I look at H., he looks at me....and we just shake our heads and give a quiet chuckle. We then proceed to have adult conversation while they "do their thing" in the backseat.

Fast forward about 35 minutes and from the backseat we hear this:

Them: Do we feel pain in this DoJo?

Them, answering: NO Sensei!

I look back again and they STILL have their arms high above their heads....and then H. and I start laughing hysterically.

Have I ever told you how hilarious I think the word DoJo is? And how Sensei is another one of my favorite laugh-guarantee words?

And how my kids are constantly cracking us up and how I'm so glad my kids are funny! You probably had to be there....but trust me, it was Hull-Air-E-Us.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Something that made me LOL

(I have a whole vacation post coming...eventually.)

In the meantime, today's LOL moment goes to S.

S. comes home from school today and says: Man it's hot!

Me: Hot down here (basement)?

S.: Hot everywhere! And someone was wearing really strong perfume!

Me: Yea, I can smell it on you, you must have picked it up.

S.: Sniffs her wrists. "That could be it."

And that is when I started laughing out loud. And so did she.

That was awesome.

Friday, April 2, 2010

The Best Medicine

The official medical word is that there was no cancer in either the colon or the small bowel. However, 12/25 lymph nodes were positive for metastatic carcinoid tumor. The tumor board meets on Wed. to decide the next course of action.

The official word from a priesthood blessing has a much brighter outlook and brought us all closer to the spirit as well as a lot of comfort.

For more details, call me. Otherwise, know this: The gospel is true. The priesthood is a power that can create worlds and can heal my sister.

There may be a long road ahead, but this knowledge will see me through, as will my faith in the savior Jesus Christ, who willingly took all sin and suffering upon himself so that I could be with my family forever.

On a lighter note: I finally saw a surgeon for my shoulder (yay). Diagnosis: Rotator cuff inflammation (not the official diagnosis, that is my interpretation). He says I'm too young to have an actual tear. Yay, I'm too young for something! So, I got a steroid injection, a Rx for antiinflammatories (which I may or may not be able to take due to previous stomach surgery), and a Rx for physical therapy with my bishop. I hear he's good!

I really dug my surgeon. We talked a bit, he is turning 40 this year. When I was receiving my shot I told him I thought the shot felt funky. He says, and I quote, "funky cole medina." To which I replied, "Dude, you ARE turning 40." We got a laugh outta that. We also talked about my occupation as a transcriptionist and he asked if I ever type his reports. I do. Then I made a couple of suggestions to help his reports be better and he called me, in a reverent voice, "a genius."

He and I will be close friends, I can tell.