Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Here it is, the code:

The numbers represent GPA (good job, Ms. Janet) and the initials represents the names of the books in the Hunger Games series (Ms. Collette, nicely done!).

Sav needed some inspiration to complete her school year, so I wrote the code:

3.0 HG
3.1 CF
3.2 MJ

She earned all 3 books. Yay!

However, I know those grades are NOT going to cut it starting this fall, her freshman year. We've talked about it at length and hopefully I can find a good motivator for her. Because apparently telling her that her father and I cannot afford to pay for her college education isn't quite the motivation a 14 year old finds, well, motivating.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Come On, Show Me What You Got!

3.0 HG
3.1 CF
3.2 MJ

I've only had one entry in regards to the above code. Unfortunately, the guess was wrong (sorry Holley!)

However, here's another chance. There is actually a hint in my last post, maybe more than one hint actually.

Code Crackers of the Blogger World Unite!!

Monday, June 21, 2010

White Board

Two whole months. Writer's block? Life block? Nonetheless....She's baaaack!

I've been tossing a post around in my head, waiting for my camera to take a picture of our white board. Then...suddenly, my daughter erased the white board and put new quotes up.

Super Sad Face:
But, I HAVE to blog about the whiteboard post-apocalypse.

Here were the entries:
"If music be the food of on." Shakespeare

"Katniss, there is no District 12." Gale, Catching Fire

If you ever want to know what is on the mind of a 14-year-old girl, get a whiteboard, some dry erase markers and never, ever pass judgment on what is written.

There was also a code on the whiteboard, written by yours truly:

3.0 HG
3.1 CF
3.2 MJ

If you can figure out the code.....I will personally write an entire post on what a smarty pants you are! Go ahead, give me your code cracking skills, your amazing brain yearning to break free! Comments encouraged!!

And now.....drum roll please......
My latest and greatest get-rich-quick scheme? Ok, maybe more like a take-charge-of-my-financial-future plan. A teaching certificate. Secondary education. Teaching English to junior high or high schoolers. Crazy, you ask? Possibly. Still talking over my options with my better half? Yes indeedy!

As for exercise? You really want to know? Yep, I started up again. I am on my former 3.25 mile route, with a friend. Walk/running. I had lost 3-4 pounds in 2 weeks....but as of yesterday morning the 3-4 pounds found me again. What the? Seriously? Not fair. I did absolutely NOTHING to deserve that one. I have no explanation.

I've decided, I'm just going to keep plugging along. I feel great when I exercise! It's fantabulous!