Wednesday, October 26, 2011

In My Soul Today

Just a few observations on the craziness that is our lives:

I have an air freshener in my car. It hangs by the rearview mirror. It has a pleasant pina colada scent that is fresh and clean. The rope it hangs on looks like hemp, as does the bag that holds whatever lies inside. And on the front of the hemp-looking bag is a picture of a palm tree that when paired with the bag and the rope, looks like marijuana hanging in my car.

Today is H's birthday. He took the day off, but I did not. He went on and on about cutting down the tree in the front yard, changing the oil in the car and writing a paper for class. I called a bit ago and he was in bed watching Mrs. Brown on Netflix, having just baked his own birthday cake.

I'm seriously considering taking off from work early today.

I get Friday off, as does Harold. We have a fun couple of days planned alone with no kids. The one thing at the top of our to-do list?
1. Do Absolutely Nothing.

I bought a potato from the food court at BYU yesterday. It was 1/3 rotten and the other part had mud on it from not being washed properly. I complained and got a hand-delivered $5 off coupon. I hope the next potato washer does a better job.

Is it a waste of a hotel room to just use it for sleeping in for about 24 hours straight?

I got a haircut. Love it. I prefer myself in short hair. My stylist mentioned that going to a haircut you love is like "coming home." I agree.

My boss is going to China next week. He is dreading it, but I'd like to stowaway. It's all in your perspective.

Happy Birthday Harold!!!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Missed Me, Missed Me, Now You Gotta...

Really and truly? Today is my 6-month birthday at the new job. I guess I can't call it a new job anymore can I? I'm settling in, I'm getting the routine, I'm feeling like I can't use the "I'm new!" excuse any longer.

However, my sad, sad office is still quite bare. And, I'd love to rearrange it, but who can justify the cost of moving expensive furniture around? I can't do it myself, so that means I have to call moving and/or interior design, which costs money.

Did you know that everything at my new employer costs? It's kind of funny actually. There is a form, a procedure, and a cost associated with ev.ree.thing.

Case in point, several months ago I asked to get something that will hold my monitor OFF my desk. My monitor is in a weird spot and I'd like to move it off the desk to provide more worktop space. I asked about it, was referred to interior design, called them, they came out a few times to measure my space, then gave me a quote a couple months later (the cost became astronomical, at least to me), but I ordered because I truly believe this will help me. The order was placed a month or so ago and I have no idea when my new monitor arm and all its accoutrements will arrive. No idea at all.

One of my least favorite things to do is hire new faculty. Why? Because the process is long, arduous, filled with paperwork, processes, approvals, interviews with this office, the administration and with a general authority, offer letters, acceptance letters, contracts, returning of contracts....and we aren't even done with the process yet!

The reason this is my least favorite thing is because no one trained me on the process. Then when I had department chairs and/or new faculty asking me questions about the process I had ZERO idea of the answers. I hate that.

I really am okay with not knowing everything there is to know in the world, but when I'm hired to do a certain job, I want training! so I can then become the so-called expert. When people ask me, the so-called expert, about the process, I want to give them solid, true answers!

Things I Do Not Love About My Job:
1. Not feeling properly trained, but I'm overcoming that hurdle.
2. Being away from the kids.

Things I Do Love About My Job:
1. I truly like BYU as an employer.
2. My paycheck.
3. The people I work with.
4. I have my own office (wish it had a window!).
5. I get to work with students who are amazing.
6. I'm valued and appreciated here.
7. I've won over people who aren't easily won over.
8. I get to drive in with my good friend 2-3 times a week.
9. People fear me.

Okay, I'm kidding, nobody fears me. But, they do fear my phone number on the caller ID when I call and I think it is hilarious. And, I am an information center, and who doesn't love that? And, I get to exercise my powers to keep the information I have private and confidential. I know it sounds silly, but I really like being able to participate in confidential situations/conversations and I have the ability to keep my mouth shut.

There was a time in my life where I didn't think that was possible. And now you know too much about me....

Oh....and we did a sweet-sweet remodel on our front room/kitchen. My man pretty much amazes me and rocks the planet when it comes to trying things he has never tried and being so GOOD at those things. Our front room/kitchen is much improved and I am very, very pleased.

Oh...and we are paying off debt. I like that a lot.

Oh...and I've recently jumped a hurdle of self-doubt and feel so much better!

For now, that's all folks!