Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Another Wednesday, another weigh In

This blogging thing is going to be a little harder than I thought. Only because I type for a living so it is hard for me to get back on and do more typing to post a blog. Plus, I have vacation in a day or two and I definitely will not be blogging while I am away. No computer access. Nice!

Anyway, today is Wednesday and therefore the dreaded weigh in. Funny how sometimes it is dreaded and sometimes it is completely exciting. I dropped 3.6 last week, so this week has been a struggle to maintain. For some reason it seems to work that way for me. I have also had an unusually strong craving for Capn Crunch Berries this week. I know, they are disgusting and bad for me but I couldn't help it. Plus, I just wanted bowls and bowls of cereal. I wasted all kinds of points on them. I don't usually eat cold cereal because 1.) I can't control myself and eat only one bowl. 2.) the points go up pretty quickly when eating what I used to consider 1 serving size. AND 3.) Sometimes I just get sick of pulling out measuring cups to have a bowl of cereal.

And to be honest with you, those food dyes do crazy things to the intestinal tract. I know, too much information.

Crossing my fingers for a maintain this week!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Okay, so I didn't get my tracker completed for yesterday, but to be honest, it was not the best day for me. I know I should be honest and give all the gory details about my food day, but I won't, I can't, not today. I am not worried about my points, because I didn't do anything too crazy, I just didn't eat very good food. I snacked and had a lot of what I would call crappy food. Okay, maybe I will complete the tracker, whatever.

Today has been good so far. I had a big breakfast with eggs which fills me up and the protein keeps me going. I started picking at leftover mashed potatoes, had about 1/2 cup, and also picked at leftover banana cream pie (father's day). I am not sure how to count it, as I pretty much at 3 or 4 bites of the crust and that was it, so maybe 3 points? Who knows. I am also going to have frozen pizza with the kids for dinner as we have a baseball game for my son tonight and I need a quickie meal. Also, I figure it is better to eat before the game than after as I have weigh in tomorrow night and I don't want a meal sitting in my gut at 10 p.m. tonight and all through tomorrow. I don't need the extra weight :)

I just realized my house doesn't really have any WW friendly foods in it at the moment, especially veggies. What the heck happened. Oh yeah, I was completely stressed out when I went shopping Saturday and didn't make good choices. Well, it is easy to see that stress is a problem for my food habits. I will have to see about getting to the store and loading up on friendly foods.

Monday, June 18, 2007

June 18 Points log

Points log (I get 33 points):
Kix cereal and milk: 6
Various chocolates**: 2
Lean Cuisine Turkey dinner: 5
Ice cream*: 8
Plum: 1

Total: 22
Exercise: None so far.

*I haven't had ice cream in SOOO long, but was really stressed out. So I found this ultra yummy peach stuff by Ben & Jerry's and gave in. But, one pint isn't gonna kill me, especially since I didn't eat it all in one setting.
** Dang Father's day and the chocolate hanging around my house.

Greetings fellow WW queens (and kings)!

Hello! This is my first day of being an official blogger. Mostly this blog is for me, so that I can keep myself on the straight and narrow path of weight loss. I am a weight watcher. I have been since January of 2007 and have officially lost 25 pounds thus far (with a mere 100 to go, or 99 if you want to get picky about it). I have yet to receive my 10% award because that would mean 30 pounds of weight loss, which if you do the math, and I know you are doing the math, means that I started at 300.8 pounds. I have weighed more than that in the past, its true.

I am 5'10" and have thought of myself as big boned for a long time. I have always been pretty happy with myself. But as it turns out I was happy with my personality and happy with my life, but not happy about being obese, morbidly obese if you want the technical term. My husband still hates it when I use the technical term. I know he loves me no matter what my size but when you say morbidly obese, it sounds super harsh. So, a shout out to my ever faithful husband who stands by me through ultra thick but never thin (so far), I love you Lima!!

A little about me: I am 37 years old, have two kids and am employed as a medical transcriptionist with a local healthcare company. My kids are both in school all day so I find that I waste a lot of time with two specific activities (when I should be working): Reading and movies, in that order. I can literally read my day away. I enjoy fiction of all kinds, but I prefer books that avoid unnecessary scenes and language. I would spell it out for you, but I am afraid I might draw the wrong kind of crowd to my blogspot if I do. I enjoy movies of the same caliber. I like heroines that are strong and funny, as I fancy myself the heroine of my own life, strong and funny.

For anyone who stumbles upon this site, I am sure things will change over time. Hopefully they will get better and better.

Once I post this I will work on figuring out how to post my daily points log so that I can be accountable to the world wide web and myself, if no one else.

Thanks for stopping by. To all my weight watchin' sisters and brothers, ROCK ON! Have a great OP day.