Thursday, May 28, 2009

Cross Training

This week I've taken to running again. My heel is feeling pretty good and isn't all inflamed, so I thought I'd get back on the proverbial horse. Yesterday I ran for 2.5 miles and even tried to brave the nasty hill. As I kept running and running towards the hill I was considering running up it and here was my thought process:

Me: I'm almost at the hill. If I run up the hill and keep going I will have run an entire 3 miles. Wow, can I do it? Should I do it? I dunno, I'm feeling tired and a bit worn out, but, maybe.....

Suddenly H. says: Are you going to run up the hill?

Me: You never should have asked me that.

H.:'re not going to run up that hill are you? I mean, there's no way you'll make it. It's too hard.

Me: Now you're getting the picture.

So I trod up the hill, all the while my dear husband is saying: Just one step at a time, don't look up, just one step at a time.

I made it one-third of the way up the hill. Semi-pathetic, but still a semi-victory for me. When I got home, I was fighting back tears again....shocking.

Then last night I go visiting teaching to some of the best ladies, EVER! And we end up having a conversation about how we're supposed to cross train, how doing the same thing every day is hard on your body...etc....

I woke up this morning and just wasn't feeling the running love, but I often don't feel it and do it anyway. But today I mention my cross training conversation with H. and he says something like "I told you so," and I'm taken aback.

Me: What ever do you mean?

H.: I told you that you should do something different every other day to allow your body to recover. Did you know that walking is considered cross training when you're running?

Me: Well that's all I needed to hear. I'm cross training, not being lazy, right?

H.: Right!

I was loving my cross training today. Thanks to all my loved ones who assured me that I was not being lazy, but rather thinking like an athlete! Maybe I have more athlete in me than I realized!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Further Proof

I now have further proof that I am not just another mother singing her child's praises. Last night my daughter won two awards for choir. Both of these medals she received by a majority vote of her peers.

1. Best Solo Performance.
2. Soprano Leader.

Have I already mentioned what a terrific daughter I have? Medals or not, she rocks the house!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

On My Own

The other night we went to the final choir concert of the year for our daughter. She informed us the night before the concert that she had a solo part. What? Um, what is the solo? What are you singing? It's from Les Mis, she says. And then I start to think, uh oh.

I've been to a few concerts this year and to be truthful, its junior high and I'm not sure why I expect more than I get. However, the younger choir really is better than the older, more practiced choir, and that is no lie.

I know my daughter likes to sing, so she rates high in enthusiasm.

I asked her to please sing her solo part for her father and me. She was a bit embarrassed. I assured her that we would look away.

She then proceeded to sing the first few lines of On My Own. She sounded ok, nothing better or worse than what I've heard all year. Ok, just typing this out makes me feel like a real heel for not being more complimentary of my own daughter. But, I'll redeem myself, you'll see.

We invited grandma and grandpa J. down to Payson to see the show. It was just the choir, which was good. When they do all the bands, and guitars, and orchestra and the choirs, it is just too much!

Anyway....I digress. We went into the little lunch room/auditorium and the Les Mis medley was the last bit of the concert. Her part was what I think is part of the chorus, but they had her sing this first:

On my own
Pretending he's beside me
All alone
I walk with him 'til morning
Without him, I feel his arms around me
And when I lose my way, I close my eyes and he has found me.

I wish I had video taped this. I have no excuse. I don't think about it, I just go to these things and it doesn't even occur to me that I should be documenting this on tape. WHAT WAS I THINKING?

My daughter sounded absolutely beautiful. I cried and cried. I was a complete mess. A lot of those kids get scared and sound timid, not my girl! She was confident! Her voice was gorgeous!

I'm not saying I'm expecting a recording contract at our door, but I was so, so, so proud of her. She did so well I cannot even tell you.

Even now I'm getting all choked up thinking about her and that performance. And now that I just asked her what lines she sang again, she is upstairs singing them in the shower. A-MAZE-ING.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Why I Haven't Posted Pictures

I've received some requests to post pictures of myself now that I've lost 40 lbs. There are a few reasons why I haven't posted any pictures. The explanation is kind of convoluted so bear with me.

After my hysterectomy in Dec of 2006 I joined Weight Watchers. I lost about 30 lbs and then in the fall of 2007 I went back to school and spent the next 9 months getting my degree and putting the 30 lbs back on. By the time I graduated I had hit not my all time high, but pretty close to it. So, I've already lost and gained 30 pounds. And a lot of you saw that.

Now that I am 40 lbs down I feel like some of you saw me at 30 lbs down already and you wouldn't see a difference. Make sense?

Miss Becky: Since you'll see me at the wedding in a month or so, I'm going to just fill your head with super fat shots of myself. That way when you do see me, the change might be somewhat dramatic. (Ok, not very dramatic, but I can always hope, right?) So here they are, fat shots.

Oh my! I cannot even believe the size of my ...... UGH!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Various and Sundry

I got somewhat officially diagnosed with tendinitis of my Achilles heel on Friday. We have a friend who is a PA and he pretty much verified what I already knew. And, he advised me to stop working out so hard. He recommended a bike. Ugh. I don't have a bike. We have a couple of old rusty bikes that are hanging in our garage, but....

Instead I just keep walking, but slower and definitely NO running. Bummer. I miss running and the feeling I get when I do it. I also think my house is going to be a lot cleaner because you can burn some serious calories with housecleaning and I don't irritate my heel.

In other news: My sunburn is finally feeling better today. I had H. lather on some serious Eucerin cream yesterday and that seems to have helped.

I finally reached 40 pounds off....finally. I have so far to go still, but that 40 pound hurdle seemed like it was never going to come. I credit my bodybugg, as well as my own sheer will to keep moving every day until I reach my calorie burned goal.

Thursday, May 14, 2009


Thanks Sandy!!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Plunge

I took the plunge, with the blessing of my husband, and got myself a bodybugg. I believe I've mentioned this little unit before, but I finally got one and we are now calling the bodybugg my Mother's Day gift.

Here is what my bugg looks like:

My bugg tracks calories burned. After I've worn the little unit for a while on the backside of my left arm I can plug it into my computer and download my info. I can see how many calories I burn as I sit around, how many I burn when doing laundry, gardening, or exercise. This thing rocks and I have great plans for serious weight loss!

The bugg has a goal for calories burned, calorie intake, and a calorie deficit. My deficit goal is 1000 every day, which will average me out to a 2 pound weight loss every week.

You see, my surgery helps me not to binge....but it doesn't make me want to exercise. And I can still overeat the wrong kinds of foods. I've been doing great on my own, but the progress is a bit slow. Hopefully I can ramp up my losses and get this show on the road already!

Monday, May 11, 2009

No Good Deed...

Harold and I had the bright idea to do some yard work on Saturday. The past few Saturdays have been rainy and I heard TONS of complaints about it. Last week I told H. that maybe the Lord was blessing us with rain so that we would get a free pass from yard work for another week before yard work season began. I had no idea how RIGHT I was.

We spent HOURS on Saturday weeding and planting. Apparently I was exposing my backside during the entire event because I ended up with a sunburn in an elliptical shape on my back. Because I like to educate my readers every now and then, here is the shape of an ellipse.

This picture is perfect because it shows the size and shape of my backside sunburn in red and the size and shape of H.s sunburn in green. Yes, we have matching sunburns.

I do not believe I have EVER exposed the small of my back to the sun, EVER! I cannot sleep on my back, I cannot sit, and most importantly, I could not run today. I started, for a brief moment, and the repeated jarring and rubbing from my clothes made jogging a complete no-no.

Ouch people!

Also, I have the strangest pain in my left Achilles. I spent a lot of time bent at the waist pulling weeds. You would think my back would hurt (the muscles, not the skin), but my heel?

On a brighter note: Mother's Day was extremely pleasant and I was very moved at church. I had a terrific M-day. It wasn't about the presents or the cards, or the Hershey's bar I got at church and snarfed behind the piano during Primary. It was due to a thoughtful husband and loving children.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Running Tracker

I did 2.46 miles today.

I forgot to set my alarm last night, which is pretty much unheard of for me. I awoke this morning about 6:45 and got out to exercise at 7:00. Usually at 7:30 is when Sav's friend arrives for us to take them to school, but I usually load them up around 7:40.

Basically, we were running behind. No pun intended. I knew that even though I had mentally prepared myself to run today that I would probably have to run further and a bit faster to get back to the house by 7:40. I've mentioned before that I am a slow-as-molasses runner, correct?

The first part of the run was difficult because there was quite a bit of wind. I kept having to adjust my posture, but most of the time I was pitched forward a bit. By the time I ended our first running leg (about 1.5 miles) my lower right back was feeling a bit of pain.

Then came the darn hill. I just couldn't bring myself to run up the hill, I just couldn't. Walking that darn hill is hard enough!

Then after we reached the peak of the hill it was time to run again. After about half way through that leg I was having a hard time. The one word I said to H. between pants was, "struggling..." He asked what we could talk about to help, and I had no idea.

As a ran further I came up with a few things to talk about, or comment on. Here is my exact train of thought and what I actually said to H., in order:

1. I labored long and hard to bring two children into this world with no epidural on either one. That labor lasted longer than a measly 40 minutes of running and if I can do that, I can run for 40 minutes.
2. One of the products of my labor was at home at that very moment freaking out that we were going to be late in getting her and her friends to school so we needed to keep going as fast as possible.
3. Said product of my labor would see us running when we arrived, because she undoubtedly would be standing outside watching for us, and would think that we hurried on her account and were only thinking about her.....which is what every teenager thinks. (and yes, she was standing outside waiting, and freaked out)
4. There were a bunch of fat people driving by watching me and thinking, Hey, if that fat girl can do it, I can do it. Then H. said I was a real reality show right in front of their eyes.
5. Then I said, "Except, when I run, I don't feel like I'm a fat girl." And I started to cry.

It is amazing what my exercise routine is doing for me, mentally.

The other day I ran into my SIL's mom, Sandy. She came into the house and I could hear her ask to see me. She follows this blog and knows I am trying hard to lose weight. I was a little embarassed because I know my body hasn't really changed since the last time I saw her. But, as I think about that, I realize that some of my biggest changes right now are going on inside my head, a place that definitely affects my physical appearance, but that nobody can really see. Except if you read this blog, right?

And, I highly recommend You plug in your address and you can map a route near your house to walk or run. I love that thing, and that little tool is how I know exactly how far I run every day.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Running Report

I did 2.06 miles of my 3 mile route today.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Kudos to Sandy for guessing the pandora's box quote from my last post. I love, love, love that movie!

Time to do a little diet/weight loss/exercise update. One of these days I'm actually going to copy all my blog posts to a word document and print them off for my personal journal, that's the real reason I blog you know. Not for the comments or the attention [she says with her tongue firmly implanted in her cheek].

My new shoes rock the planet. I never ever think about my feet while I'm exercising any more. I think about them while I'm putting on my nice new shoes, but then I forget about my feet, and isn't that the point of really great shoes?

I've been adding some extremely slow jogging into my 3-mile route. Saturday I jogged 0.66 miles and then Monday I did 1.45 miles. Then today I didn't run at all. On Saturday I actually cried when I got home. I was so proud, then yesterday I was pretty much beaming all day. What an amazing feeling to do something that I told myself I couldn't do. Why do we limit ourselves this way? Why do we insist that we are not capable, when, in fact, we are extremely capable?

H. tells me I've become obsessed with weight loss. He says I talk about it all the time. How many calories I've eaten, how many I've burned, whether or not I over did it on this meal or that meal, getting online and tracking new walking routes or to track exactly how far I've run, reading other blogs about it, getting onto calorie websites or calculating my BMR.

My first reaction to H.'s claim is, "Right! If I was obsessed I would be thin right now." But, no, he's right. I am obsessed. However, here is my justification.

1. I've never met anyone who successfully lost a great deal of weight without becoming somewhat obsessive about it. You HAVE to think about it constantly, otherwise you fall back into the same bad habits that got you there in the first place.

2A. The scale has been resistant and when I don't get validation from the scale I get worried that my current routine isn't making the grade and that I need to change it up.

2B. When you put so much work into something and the scale is resistant its a real downer and so I start to question everything.

3. I had weight loss surgery! Of course I'm thinking about it ALL THE TIME!

4. Of course I turn to Harold for validation when I question myself, that's why he gets paid the big bucks!

So, I'm going to embrace my obsessed status. I will, however, try to talk about it a little less with H. I caught myself talking about my calorie intake with H. on our morning walk. Oops. Then I caught him (out of the corner of my eye) rolling his eyes. I know he's sick of hearing every calorie I ingest. I would be sick of it, too. I think that is one of the reasons people start weight loss blogs, so that they can hash all that stuff out online. Send the info out to the great big void that is the internet. Don't worry, I will not be tracking my calories with all you unsuspecting folks.

So, when I named this post "miscellaneous," what I really meant was every tiny little aspect of weight loss because I don't think about much else.