Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Chunk Excision-A Duet

The dermatologist explained "severely atypical" to me. On the range of mild atypia to melanoma, apparently severe atypia is one step away from melanoma. Awesome.

I had the chunk excision (thanks for the graphic Julie) yesterday. The cool part? He made my scar look like an X.

I will probably start telling people the scar is from a bullet hole.

Savannah and her good friend Catherine are singing a duet at the choir concert on Friday. The wanted advice on body posture/language so they FINALLY sang the song for me so I could give feedback. I cried. They sang so beautifully. I will probably post the video here. Stay tuned.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Severely Atypical

I have a lot of moles. I hate that word, truly I do. So from here on out if you want to call them beauty marks then that's fine AND I need you to know that I was blessed with so much beauty I cannot even quantify it! In fact, I have so so so much beauty that I need to have some taken away once in a while. Just to make things slightly more fair for all the rest of you peeps.

A couple weeks ago I go to my favoritest physician's assistant in all the land and have her remove some beauty from my upper left arm. That particular beauty mark was kind of oddly colored (reddish) and seemed kinda inflamed actually and was itchy sometimes. It was acting strange. So I wanted it gone.

I have had so many beauty marks taken off that at some point I was starting to feel a little hypochondriatic (probably not a real variation of the word, don't care), because all the other moles were just that, moles.

This time I got a call from the PA's office. Here's the medical lingo:

Severely atypical compound melanocytic proliferation. Peripheral margins involved. Complete excision recommended for further evaluation and management. 

From what I've read this particular diagnosis is pretty much a catch all. As in, they aren't quite sure what this is.

Here's what my PA had to say. This is written on a note sent to her MA and the MA relayed this message to me:

Tell her pathology showed severely atypical cells, no malignancy but the lesion extended to the borders of the sample. She needs to have a wider excision done of this lesion.

Now, how does she know it's NOT malignant? Do they say it IS malignant in those reports?

In the famous words of teens everywhere: Whatever!

I'm going this coming Tuesday to have a larger chunk taken out of my upper left arm. (Despite the fact that the lab report thinks this sample came from my right arm. Phsh!)

This is just reaffirming to me that:
1. I am not a hypochondriac, I had a reason to be cautious.
2. It is time to start seeing a dermatologist now. The PA is great for a lot of things, but my skin needs it's own doctor.
3. We all need to take better care of our skin. I have a massive hat in my closet, my Audrey Hepburn hat. It's big and gorgeous and is now going to be with me when I'm outside in my yard, on my head, protecting my skin. And I will remember to put on sunscreen. Every.single.time. Must remember!!!!


I got this news right as I drove into the surgical center parking lot with Harold because he was having his knee scoped and his meniscus repaired. Great timing right?

Harold is rehabilitating at home. He hates "sitting around." I told him he needs to think of this more like, allowing his knee to heal.

MEN!!! Sit down, let your body heal.....FOR THE LOVE!!!!!!!

He's been in pain and I feel badly about that. He went to his first physical therapy appointment. Thankfully our PT is our bishop. He's a great guy and tells Harold what's what straight up. For instance:
Harold needs to be sitting on the couch with his leg propped up with ice on it.
Harold needs to stop feeling guilty about not helping with a move tomorrow happening in our ward.
Harold should feel good about his decision to stay home from work. His knee needs to heal.

Who's excited for the weekend? I am I am I am!

Savannah has prom tomorrow night. She'll look gorgeous, I'm super excited to see my baby girl all dolled up for prom. I {heart} that girl.

And Mack? Well, he is gearing up for a special choir performance featuring songs from Les Mis. And....he made chamber singers (highest level of choir at his school). So proud!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

She's Back!

Savvy got home yesterday. I missed her. She is a fun part of our family and I am starting to glimpse the life of an empty nester and how it must be kinda lonely. My only consolation will be if we win the lottery, we'll be traveling so much I won't have to worry about missing my grown children. And we can drop in on them any time, because grown children and their spouses love that, right?

While Sav was gone we had regular contact via text and cell phone. A lot of her reports included information about a boy who was basically following her around. She likened him to a puppy dog needing it's mother. I thought she was being a little harsh. Then I saw her pictures. Seriously, that kid was in a TON of her pics. Nearby, lurking. Not creepy, just kinda funny to me. Like he was photobombing but didn't really get the joke. Sav actually did say he was being a creeper, her word for a boy who hangs around, seemingly uninvited.

Nevertheless, it's good to have her back. Now we get to harass her about making up for lost homework....until school ends. Yippee.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Choir Tour

Savannah left last night for choir tour. This is the first time we are home and she is gone for 5-1/2 days. Ok....she's been to girl's camp but that was a whopping 3-1/2 days every year. This is a bit different. There are boys.

I told her last night before she left, no monkey business. It's not like she has a boyfriend or anything, but the boy who asked her to prom will be on this trip. She said, and I quote, "I wasn't even thinking of that until you just said it."

What the?

My response: Do you mean to tell me that monkey business never crossed your mind until your mother just mentioned it?

She recanted her previous statement.

The best part of the trip? Tape.

The choir director put a warning in the trip documents: Once everyone is in for the night, the outside of their hotel room doors will be taped. If the seal of the tape is broken then everyone in the room will be sent home.

Harold's favorite part of the warning was this: If the tape is broken and you are sent home, your parents will know, your friends will know, the bus driver will know, the airlines will know. He laughed out loud while reading.

I appreciate a choir director who keeps it real. I want my daughter safe in every sense of the word while on this trip.

Have Fun Savvy Girl! We love you and miss you.

But I just need to say: Dad, Mackson and I each had our own couch while you were gone. No one had to share. We were feeling all decadent. It was lovely.

Come home (not too) Soon!!

You all know I'm kidding, right?

Friday, April 12, 2013

My One Post for 2013....maybe

Wow, has it been a year since I last posted? Guess what....I'm posting again.....and guess's on a related subject....Weight Loss.

Yes, the bane of my existence. The one topic that when I decide to focus on it, fills my head and consumes my every thought and deed.

I decided at the beginning of this year (yes, I am a walking/talking cliche) that I would lose weight this year. And next year, because I am positive that it's going to take at least that long to finally get the rest of this crud off my body.

I joined Weight Watchers online with my wonderful sister. She's inspirational and having a weight loss buddy is a great boost. And Harold joined in for a while, too, but now he's tweaked his knee and probably will need surgery (another story for another day) so he's dropped out for a bit.

After about two months on WW, I switched over to another free online program, My Fitness Pal, which basically counts calories and that's it.

Good News: 
I've lost 17 pounds
I've been at this for 14 weeks and show no sign of letting up
I feel really great about myself
I exercise super regularly, as in I take classes, walk for miles and miles, hired a personal trainer (my third session is today), and I MOVE MORE!
I gained a good friend in a co-worker throughout this process
I've done this without the help of the lap band (had to loosen the band due to raging heartburn, so I don't have the same amount of "help"/restriction that I normally would with the band. Which leads me to my next point....
I've learned to watch the quality of my food intake
I had gained 20 pounds at my current job and have taken almost all of that off
I've stopped drinking the no-calorie Crystal Light knock off, cuz my momma told me to
I'm really not a walking/talking cliche because I've been doing this for three months, most people quit in a week or two

Bad News:
I've lost 17 pounds in 14 weeks. What the?? I mean, I know I'm older, but I really only want an average of 1.5/week. I don't feel like that is too much to ask.
I weigh myself multiple times every morning. I have a digital scale that pretty much gives me a different weight every time I step on it, so I am constantly trying to figure out my "real" weight.
I don't drink enough water
When I stepped on the scale this morning I was the same weight I've been at for three weeks. Which means I lost 2 pounds this past month.
I'm sitting here on the verge of tears because I let my sense of self worth be defined by a stupid digital scale

On to More Good News:
I am not giving up. I refuse to let a scale define who I am. I am determined not to let the weight loss of others affect the way I feel about me. I will not let up until I am in a normal, healthy weight range. I love who I am becoming and will become. I will defeat this current plateau and punch it in the face as I make my way past this current weight and never lay eyes on it again. Never.