Friday, August 29, 2008


I did it again. I was waiting to see who would take the coveted title of 10,000th visitor to my blog. I log in this morning and lo and behold I've reached 9,999. So, I click on the feedjit button to watch "live" who is my next visitor, happy 10K, when my dumb work computer does something funky, I have to get out and it turns out I am the lucky winner. Stupid.

I never did figure out how to get the counter to stop counting my own visits to my blog. I guess that just shows you that most of the hits I get are from myself. Pathetic and sad really.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Poseidon Adventure- circa 1972

Harold tells me that I have resisted renting this movie in the past. I honestly cannot remember him ever trying to get me to watch it. And, if he did I probably would not have been too happy about it and would have thought I had no desire to see a black and white (don't criticize me yet) movie with old-timey overactors in a doomsday flick.

How wrong I was!!! I had no idea this film was made in 1972 which means there would be actors I would actually recognize and it would be in color. You are all probably thinking I am a nutcase for not knowing any better...and I have no excuse for myself.

Yesterday I was at my mom's in between appointments. My kids were staying with her and when I walked in they were in the middle of the movie, right smack dab in the middle. The part where the captain is called away from the New Year's revelers. There is dancing, singing, seriously tight "hot pants" (my mom called them that and its true, they were smokin') (I actually just started laughing out loud right there). When what do my wondering eyes behold? But actors I recognize. From where? From The Love Boat. That's right, serious B-rated actors from the 70s, who frequented The Love Boat repeatedly because they couldn't get any other acting gig apparently. The only serious actor on board the Poseidon was Gene Hackman, and I might consider Shelly Winters as a semi-serious actor (although in her day she would have been called an actress). How poetic! The Love Boat v. The Posiedon Adventure.

And....little did I know there would be a tsunami. Sweet! I had no idea that is what happens in the movie, and no idea what the premise of the story was at all; the capsizing, the rat-like retreat to the lower bowels of the ship that have actually become the portion of the boat that is ABOVE the water line. I WAS LOVING IT!

I don't think I was supposed to be laughing out loud, but I was. And I was laughing even harder when I was re-telling my experience with watching the movie to him later that day. And I laughed the hardest when I told him how Mack had turned to me midway through the movie and said, "You are NOT going on a cruise!" Even now....its so ridiculous I'm laughing!

I didn't see the beginning and I didn't see the end, but I am gonna rent that sweet baby and have the time of my life on a date night in my near future.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I Spoke Too Soon

For anyone who knows me, the title of this post has more meanings than one. I often speak before I think, and often think as I am speaking and end up saying too much or coming across like I really don't want to do something when I am just making talking logistics out loud in my head.

Having said that, my title is in reference to yesterday's post. Exactly one week after starting school my kid is home sick. But, I have to hand it to him, it is legitimate. After having a semi-sore throat for a couple of days and running around like a madman at his first soccer game last night, he woke up this morning wheezing with an even worse sore throat.

Here is how I know its for real: Tonight he has a sweet cub scout den meeting planned where they get to hike up to the Grotto here in Payson canyon with the entire pack. He was seriously looking forward to it and was super sad when I had to call his den leader. Poor guy. If he was even semi-sick he would have gone to school because he knows if he stays home from school there is no playing and no extracurricular activities that day.

Good times, a kid home sick. I hope my current foray back into the wide world of exercise will help me stay healthy as I have no interest in catching anything off the little guy.

SIDE NOTE: As for the soccer game, I was impressed. Our little guy can still run like a mad man, though I noticed he isn't quite as spry as he used to be. But he is still talented. A father from the opposing team stopped us in the parking lot to tell us that it was too bad these teams were playing on smaller than regulation fields because my kid (and another one on our team) had the size and the skill to have kicked the other teams trash and that the only reason our kids' team got beat was because the field was small and every time our guys would turn around they would hit a wall of blue shirts (opposing side's color last night). I really do love watching my kids play soccer. Soccer is the most amazing sport to me, requiring a level of athleticism that will keep my kids healthy and they will have some MAD skills. I hope our boy recovers by tomorrow night, there is another game and I would hate for him to miss one.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

One Week in School

We made it! No tears, no sleepless nights. Mack did so great this year and I'm really proud of him for recognizing the anxiety about school and being able to deal with it. I worry about him, but lately he seems to be managing his anxiety pretty well. I have read a bunch about anxiety really coming on at his age and how its normal for this age to think more about death and dying and the causes of it. He asks me the most random

Mack: Mom, will my dresser start on fire?
Me: Why would your dresser start on fire?
Mack: Because of all the stuff on top.
Me: What difference does that make. Why would the stuff on top be a problem?
Mack: Friction.
Me: Well, you would have to take the stuff on your dresser and rub it really hard on your dresser to see if you could start a fire with it. And I'm guessing that nothing on your dresser at the moment would have enough friction with a painted dresser to start a fire.

Nothing quite like spontaneous combustion to get a kid really fearing for his life.

The kids are both doing so great with school. Sav is adjusting to junior high life pretty well, locker, 7 periods, 7 teachers, 5 different classrooms. She's a good kid. They both are. I'm lucky, or blessed, however you prefer to see it.

Saturday, August 23, 2008


Last night we had free tickets to attend the Bees game. They are some sort of minor league baseball in SLC. H's work got us 4 tickets. Here are my various attitudies about the Bees game as time progressed.

A. Sweet, that was very nice of them to get us tickets, maybe we'll take the kids and it'll be fun.
B. Maybe we won't go. Matt and Julie want to double date, so lets do that instead.
C. What do you mean we HAVE to go? I thought this was optional.
D. Maybe M&J will go with us?
E. No M&J, lets take the kids.
F. At least I get some taco bell tacos for dinner tonight on the way to the game.
G. Harold is being unusually quiet tonight while we drive to SLC.
H. Harold seems to be in a foul mood, but he insists he isn't.
I. Harold is seriously making me angry. This is his work thingee, why won't he perk up?
I1. H keeps trying to get the kids to leave.
I2. He talks Sav into going home.
I3. Mack might be up for leaving.
I4. I'm playing it cool, mirroring Mr. Downer-pants.
J. Ok, two can play at this game. I'll be just as quiet and moody as he is being.
K. I see, he can make an attempt to talk to coworkers (only after being at this dumb game for 2 hours) but not to his wife?
L. Oh, so now that someone is talking to him he is happy? What about me? Wasn't I good enough company?
M. Harold turns to me and says, "I Hate to say it, but I think we're gonna lose?" You think? Its 10-1 at this point, inning 8.
N. I guess we are staying for the fireworks.
O. I text ChaCha to find out how many calories are in a McDonald's ice cream cone (150 if you care).
P. The fireworks are pretty freakin' cool.
Q. I should not have worn flip-flops because in order to not pay for parking we had to park 1 mile away. Ouch.
R. Me and the kids sleep on the way home, never stopping for a cone. Too tired, too late.
S. Harold seems happier now, thankfully.

Friday, August 22, 2008

School Picture Day

School just started this week and yet Sav has school picture day today. What the heck? Is there a problem with waiting for mothers to get their wits about them before you ask them to track down paperwork, figure out a portrait package and get it paid for online? Come on People!

Sav brought home a small slip of paper yesterday informing me that it was picture day today. In very small print on the bottom of this slip of paper was a statement that basically said, you only get pictures that are paid for in advance. Of course I know this already, however, this little slip doesn't give me any type of payment information, envelope, etc. with which to make said payment.

I send Sav off this morning and she is completely ticked off that I don't have it together, that she has to ASK someone in the office what is going on and call me back. She gets the I'm-a-preteen-so-therefore-I-will-be-grumpy-for-no-other-apparent-reason-other-than-to-irritate-you look, and goes out the door.

About 10 minutes later here comes Harold, who took Sav to school and was supposed to drive straight on to work. He has in his hot little hands the envelope with payment instructions. Good. Well, apparently Lifetouch has finally worked out a system where you can pay online prior to the pictures being taken. Hallelujah! (As many of you may or may not know, we either do our deals with our Visa card or cash and I NEVER have cash on me, and we haven't had checks for YEARS).

I go to and proceed to order when H tells me he doesn't have time for this. Hmmmmm. And I do? He asks, can you please do this and then drive the form back to school. Here is the list of problems running through my head:

1. Mack is still home, hasn't had breakfast, lunch isn't made and if I leave he will have to get himself out the door.
2. The car that is available to me has informed me that I have approximately 1 mile of driving left before the gas runs out and the round trip is about 1.5 miles.
3. The car from #2 is also unregistered.
4. The car from #2 and #3 also has the CHECK ENGINE LIGHT on.
5. I am supposed to be clocking in for work.
6. I went walking this morning, haven't showered and I will have to haul my nasty, smelly, dried sweat body into the jr. high and meet up with my 7th grader to give her the info, probably embarrassing her to death.

Fine, whatever. I do the online payment, I drive the un-gassed, un-registered car. I leave my 9 year old alone at home, and I haul my nastiness over to the school.

Good thing I had some time on my hands.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Virtual Vacation

Despite the generous economic stimulus check we received back in May, we (H and I) won't be going on any kind of getaway vacation for a very long time. I can't be too sad about it, because I am pretty blessed and I love my life.

However, I've been reading Em's posts about Lucern and feeling super bummed that I live in Payson rather than Switzerland. As a result, this morning I started thinking about a "Virtual Vacation." I spent a few minutes online and came up with some pictures of the top five places I would visit if you asked me right now. So, here goes:

This is the hotel we will be staying at while we visit Emalei and Fabio. I know Em probably has a fabulous flat, but we don't want to crowd them out, and we really, really like staying at fancy hotels. And, since this is MY virtual vacation, I get my way. This hotel overlooks Lake Lucern so I'm sure if I go out on my private balcony I will be able to see Em walking along the beautiful streets, shopping at the farmer's markets, and waiting for us to join her and her hubby for a quaint dinner at a sidewalk cafe.

Our next stop will be on the Mediterranean (the only reason I spelled that right is due to spellchecker). We will stay at this beautiful hotel, but unlike the people in the photo, we will not be bringing our children. I love my kids and I want to take them to gorgeous places, too, but this is my VV, right? On our first VV, we aren't taking the kids. We will sun ourselves and enjoy the local cuisine, take in some parasailing and I will wear a white sundress, a large floppy hat, and and leather sandals. I will sport a healthy glow and H will wear khakis, a polo shirt and maybe some deck shoes(shout out to Dale!)

We will then head on over to Scotland, because no VV is complete without a trip to my motherland. This is Loch Lomond. We will have plenty of time to explore all the tiny villages we want, have some yummy baked goods, and visit old friends. The people there are amazingly kind and we will feel right at home. We will then take the train over to Edinburgh where we will attend....

The Tattoo. Every year at the Edinburgh castle in August all manner of pipe bands come together, military included, to perform the most amazing concert. (Using the word amazing is speculative because I did not get to attend this event while I was a missionary). We will sit in the stands and Harold will ask if he can buy a kilt. I will of course agree to this, and he will wear it (and this will be a major turn on) on the plane to our next stop....

Tahiti. This is a view of our hotel from above. We will of course be staying at one of the cool huts on the water.

I will don my sweet new bathing suit that fits my fabulous new body (remember, my "virtual" vacation). H and I will sleep, read, eat, sunbathe, and listen to sweet music. We will be amazed by the fresh produce and Harold will decide that he does like fruit after all. This will be a life-changing experience and we will eat healthier for the rest of our lives as a result.

By this time, we are ready to go home and see our kids, but only after we are sporting a nice tan, a completely relaxed countenance, and a very large bank account (because we befriended a lonely old widow on one of our trips and she, having no children, decided to bequeath her entire fortune to us).

At the beginning of this post I said I would I would tell you my top 5 places. Well, my #1 place is right here at home. Where my family and friends are, where I have a house and a yard, where I have lived, loved, and laughed.

Life is Good, right here in Payson, Utah.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Final Countdown

I'm pretty sure I've used that title for a past blog, but I don't care!

I have about 12 hours to go before Sav gets home. I'm pretty excited to see her. I have to tell y'all about what happened today.

I begged my mom to come down to Payson to spend time with me. I was feeling super desperate to get out of the house and thankfully my mom had some free time for her oldest daughter. We went to lunch, stopped at a few home decor stores for fun, took Mack to Toys R Us for being a decent sport so that he could look at some "army guns" (his current obsession), and then we went to Costco.

While at Costco I spotted a couple of YW leaders from our ward, with matching camp shirts (the logo was "its a jungle out there," which I think is cute). Anyway, I stroll over and proceed to harass them about whether or not they have run out of food and that is why they were at Costco. They laughed and said they had come down from camp on Tuesday night for some personal responsibilities and were headed back up, but had to make a pitstop to get a birthday cake of some sort to take back to celebrate the YW president's bday.

I asked how Sav was doing and they were super nice, very complimentary about her. They were telling me about how she was such a good sport, and how she participated in the more difficult physical challenges, etc. I could tell they were holding out on me, so I called them on it. They kind of looked at each other and were like, "Oh she cried a little on Monday, she may have been a bit homesick." So then I'm feeling kinda bad for her. Then they say that some girl was mean to Sav. What? Someone was mean to my baby? Why would anyone do that? I prodded, wanting to know the name of the offender. (I had visions of toilet papering dancing through my head...). They were hesitant to tell me, but I assured them that Sav would tell me, so why don't they just give me the name NOW! They told me who the girl was and I wasn't too surprised. Sav is pretty strong willed, but this other girl is 13 going on 20. Even though they are both beehives, the one is way more physically advanced than my girl, and she is a HUGE flirt. Sav hasn't picked up on the finer points of flirtation yet (thank goodness). Anyway, I am anxious to hear the juicy details from my daughter. The leaders said she cried, had some alone time, and then came back and everyone was fine after about 30 minutes.

Oh, the drama of being in Young Women's. And, oh the drama associated with the hormonal shifts that are taking place in those girls' bodies. It is at moments like this that I am ultra grateful for Primary.

Thanks to all the YW leaders out there, past, present and future. You have a place reserved in the CK, a very special, hormone-free place.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My Girl

I am not the most emotional person I know. In fact a lot of times I consider myself kind of cold and impersonal. I get a little offish with people I don't know until I've had time to get to know them better. I have been seen as stuck up at times, and probably just plain rude.

However, I cry at the slightest provocation from movies or commercials. Once fairly recently Harold and I watched the Mormon movie, Return With Honor. We were 95% through the movie when I turned to Harold and told him how stupid and slow the movie was. Then literally 1-2 minutes later, I was bawling over that dumb movie. Harold was dumbfounded. He couldn't believe I was so fickle about the movie. Here is the thing...I get easily choked up when it comes to family and when it comes to my religion.

Having said that, on Sunday night Sav and I drove over to the stake center to drop off her stuff for girls camp. There were so many parents, girls, camp leaders and members of the stake leadership hauling sleeping bags, backpacks, air mattresses (spoiled!), etc.

I held it together pretty well. We came home and I was fine. Then at 6:45 on Monday morning I had to drive her back to the stake center for the drop off. More girls, more parents, more bins with camp supplies for each ward/stake. I didn't care one iota about any of it. There was just one girl on my mind. My beautiful, fun, excited little Beehive going to her first year of girl's camp.

We had failed to give her a big enough duffel bag so she ended up putting WAY too much in her backpack. She was back heavy. She had me put in foam curlers the night before so her hair was all wavy and cute, she was wearing her new Dollar Store white bedazzled sunglasses and clutching her pillow. We waited in the car until her good friend showed up, then we unloaded and started walking. When we arrived at her friend's truck (the friends mom is our ward camp director, brave-wonderful woman!)

As we arrived I put my arms around her, gave her a huge hug and kissed her repeatedly on her right cheek. Quick, happy, I-Love-You kisses, about 8-12 or so. I told her I loved her, to have fun, stay safe and I'd see her on Friday.

Then as I walked away my eyes started to pool up. Even now my eyes are pooling up thinking about it. Darn I love that girl. She has made me so proud as a mother. I can already see that she and I will be great friends when she is older and wants me as a friend. She has a great sense of humor. It has only been 35 hours since I said goodbye and she will return in 65, so I'm about half way there.

I think I can, I think I can, I think I can...

Saturday, August 9, 2008


72%How Addicted to Blogging Are You?

Created by OnePlusYou - Free Dating Sites

Last year I took this quiz and I was at 48%, so I've improved! If you want to put it that way. Can you believe that it has been over 1 year since I started this blog. I officially started on June 18, 2007. I started off with posts about weight loss, things I ate, my weigh ins. Then I switched to something far more interesting, MY LIFE. I posted about Harold's gallbladder, crazy BYU life, my kids attitudes for better or worse, anything and everything.

So, how have I improved? I want opinions. What was your favorite past blog? When did you see the light and take a look? What would you say is the overall tone of my blog? Do I share too much? Am I overly critical of the world around me? Do I bring joy or fear into your hearts? Let me know.....Consider this my blog suggestion box.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Quickie: Weekend Highlight

We drove to Wyoming to spend time with H's extended family this past weekend. He has some of the greatest cousins and I love seeing them and talking them. Plus, Momma G came, Louis and Britty (haven't seen her since her wedding last year).

We enjoyed the party for Lois and Dale, 60 years is amazing, and I cried when Dale sang "Accentuate the Positive." He really is a fine example of positive living. I'm going to post the video later.

We got to drive home with Britty, she was playing airport leapfrog, flying into Denver, flying out of SLC, and into CA before getting back to Oregon.

Harold was driving at a respectable 79-80, using cruise control the whole way. Except.....he was in the left lane passing a truck when he decided he better bust a move faster to allow for the car in the right lane to slide in behind him. Harold busted up to 88 mph and a few moments later, red and blue lights flashing. The state patrolman gave us a $10 "discount" for wearing our seatbelts. Whatever, don't do me any favors. Lame, lame, lame. Like I need another $120 bill in my life. Britty kept apologizing, saying it was her fault Harold was speeding. But I assured her that it was not her fault at all, this is how Harold drives. I am just happy he has been using the cruise control lately, trying to conserve on gas by not gunning the engine. He was going to do what he did whether or not Britty needed to get to the airport on time.

On Sunday we made arrangements to have dinner with Dale, his friend Molly, as well as Dane and Bridget. We knew with Dale in town we might have the "kids" down for dinner. I love saying that, it cracks me up. But we did launch into a discussion with the kids about how they have siblings "as old as you are, Jeanna and Harold." Hmmm, yep, we're old. Dang you for pointing that out....and you know who you are......

Louis also stayed with us Sunday night. His daughter is in the ICU in Provo, she has a nasty infection, ends up it is called Lemeirre's disease. (I didn't check the spelling). Starts out as a throat infection, becomes a nastier infection, moves into the lungs, kidneys and even the brain (but it didn't go there with her.) Louis has stayed her the past couple of nights and we are happy to have him. We enjoy Paige a lot and are grateful we can do something to help.

Yesterday we picked up Cheyenne at the airport. She is here this week to visit her cousins and so far today it is 3:17 and nobody in this house has had a shower. So you could say we are having fun. No excuse for the mom, but hey who needs a shower when you aren't leaving the house?