Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Car Goblins

Is it my imagination or have we had what seems like more than our fair share of car trouble? After spending $730 on the van we found out it needs $530 more to "maybe" get it to pass safety and emissions so we can update the registration. The van now sits idly, once again, in the garage. I think I have finally talked Harold into selling the darn thing. We will probably ask $3000 for it, knowing that if it was up and running we could get $4000-4500 out of it. Hopefully we can get an offer that will allow us to purchase another commuter car for Harold, as he will be driving twice the distance he currently does due to a new UoP building being completed in American Fork. Nothing quite as fun as twice the commute, twice the gas.

As you recall, a few months back, right after purchasing our 2006 Sonata we hit a major hole in the road, damaging the front passenger tire/rim. We got that fixed. Then on Saturday, as Harold was driving, it felt like we ran over something like mesh. I asked Harold what that was and he says, "I think the tire just blew." Um....and within seconds it was confirmed, we could feel that one of the tires was gone, probably the front passenger tire. We pulled over and sure enough, there were some major holes in the sides of the tire.

It was about 100 degrees out and Harold dutifully changed the tire and put the donut on. Lovely. While he was jacking up the car, along comes a guy who asks if we are out of gas. Huh? Can you see the flat tire and the jack here? Apparently that guy had run out of gas and was willing to help us if we were "as stupid as I am." Nope, not that stupid, at least not today.

Then along comes Matt. See, we were all on our way to Amy's for a double b-day party for her kids. Matt offers some moral support, takes the frozen/refrigerated items that needed to get to Amy's ASAP and he took off.

Is there a Car Goblin amongst us? Do other people have these horrible things happen to them as often as they happen to us and I am just the biggest whiner about it?

Got another tire for the Sonata, a used tire that cost $47 instead of $147, but it looks brand new and according to the wear and tear report, it is practically new. Lucky us.

Despite our trials we really are blessed.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Putting Pop Culture In It's Place

Any girl out there between the ages of 12 and 50ish in the state of Utah is aware that the new Stephenie Meyer book is coming out on August 4, right? The title is Breaking Dawn. I am excited for this book, I love a good series and I especially love it when the series wraps up. I will miss my characters, but I will be able to revisit them whenever I want to borrow the books from friends (I am way too cheap to purchase books, especially at full price). I am wishing I had one of those "Team Edward" t-shirts. (You Jacob fans out there, and you know who you are, don't bother telling me Jacob is better, I am thoroughly devoted to Edward!!)

My point is that there are A LOT of women out there who have read and LOVE these books. So we were in Denver last week and missed our home ward sacrament meeting, but this is what I heard....from Karen....A woman came to speak and was talking about a guy whose skin sparkles in the sunlight. Karen barely heard what this woman was saying because her kids (Karen's) were commanding all of Karen's attention. Karen thought maybe this lady's kid had some sort of skin condition. So Karen goes into the library (she serves as ward librarian, or assistant) and the other librarian proceeds to tell Karen that the lady in sacrament meeting was talking about Edward in the book Eclipse.

What? Someone was really quoting from Stephenie Meyer's book in sacrament meeting? That is hilarious! Almost as funny as when people used to bear their testimonies that The Work and The Glory book series was true.

What are people thinking? I don't mind mentioning pop culture in Sunday School or R.S., and even then a teacher should be very careful, but over the pulpit in sacrament meeting?

I hate to say this, but maybe there should be a memo about this from Salt Lake. I would classify this kind of memo under the "I thought that was obvious" kind of category of memo's from SLC. I feel bad, I am sure this lady was well intentioned, but this kind of activity isn't such a good idea.

Since I won't be purchasing this book, I have a friend in the ward who says I can have her copy to read as soon as she is finished. Since she will be picking up her copy on midnight August 2, I am pretty sure she will be handing over this treasure sometime on Sunday August 3. I cannot wait!!!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Mamma Mia!

Last night the kids slept over at Lucinda's house. This meant that H and I had an opportunity to have a mini date night so we elected to go see Mamma Mia. I enjoy Abba music, and H knows more songs than I know, so I figured it would be fun. The funniest part of the whole experience was that H was one of about 8 or 9 men in the entire theater. There were women everywhere, pregnant women, friends, families, loads of them. A lot came with multiple girlfriends. On our way into the theater a man asked what we were seeing and when Harold told said "Mamma Mia, a chick flick" and the guy said, "Maybe next week she'll see Dark Knight with you." Nope, I don't think so buddy. A little too dark for me I think. So H suffered through a chick flick with me. Here's the thing: I don't enjoy musicals. I am pretty sure I will suffer a major blogging backlash from admitting that, but it is entirely true. One of my favorite parts of the movie Sabrina is when Harrison Ford's character asks his secretary to get him tickets to the most popular show on Broadway and she says, "That will be a musical where periodically the actors will burst into song and start dancing." And he grimly agrees to it because he wants to impress Sabrina. I feel as Harrison did, ugh, if I must!

Mamma Mia was a musical, UGH! Of course the Dancing Queen number was pretty good, and Take a Chance on Me was pretty funny too. Other than that, not so much. Plus there are really no morals to speak of in this film. A woman who slept with 3 men all around the same time so she doesn't know the father of her daughter. The daughter desperately wants to know who her father is so he can walk her down the aisle. At one point in the church the girl says to Meryl Streep, "I don't care if you slept with 100 men." Then the camera pans over to the preacher who has a shocked look on his face. Yep, because the preacher is apparently the only person on the planet who might object to such behavior. Ick.

Plus, I hate to pick on someone's singing, because it isn't like I can sing well enough to be cast into a musical, but Pierce Brosnan really can't sing. He can't. He's nice to look at, and his accent is magical, but his singing is awful. Meryl, on the other hand, can sing, amazingly enough. And the girl who played Sophie really had a nice voice too.

But, all in all, I would go with a Ho Hum rating on this movie. Sorry folks!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Vacation Update

Enjoying our time here in Denver, CO. But I just need to give you a mental picture of the lazy river picture below as I saw it on Friday. Picture about a ZILLION more people floating along, getting backed up, having their feet in your face and in other unmentional places, as you float along.

I am amending my statement
From: Lazy rivers speak to my soul.
To: Lazy rivers that are uninhabited by anyone but myself speak to my soul.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Hi Ho, Hi Ho...

It's all true, we are leaving town and headed for Denver early tomorrow morning. Many would ask, "Why oh why would you book a flight that leaves at 6:50 a.m., forcing you to arise at 4:00 a.m.?" I have asked myself this question, but we want to make the most of our trip, spend every minute we can outta town. You understand.

First up:

Yes, the lazy river it is! Brice and Co. have invited us to go to Water World in Denver, and they have 3, count 'em 3, lazy rivers. You remember what I said about lazy rivers right? So anyplace that has 3 of 'em must be considered my new home.

Next up:

Yes, that is a steam engine. And yes, we will arise early on Saturday morning as well so that we can track this baby (or an engine very much like this one) via the internet, then hop in our car once it is close to Henderson, CO, and chase that baby for 20 miles or so. It sounds kinda weird, but trust me, it's fun.


On Sunday we will go to church with Momma G and probably enjoy some fine dining while we are in Johnstown, CO.

On Monday, the kids will enjoy some:

Olympic Games at Momma G's house. The kids have been talking about this all summer.

And on Tuesday, we get back home. :( Where hopefully we will not encounter this:

and hopefully this:

Bon Voyage!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Online Edition: Humanities at BYU

Here is the link to my claim to fame. Many of you have seen the printed version, but for those who have not, click here. It took me a minute to download, so be patient, I'm worth the wait! (Goto pages 6 and 7.)

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Making up for lost time

I've been tagged again, but how could I resist the tag of someone who honored me on her own blog?

Favorite food: Tacos, chocolate cake. Pretty much all carbs.

Quirks: I hate being late, hate it. And the Lord "blessed" me with a family that does not share my passion.

How would the person who loves you most describe you in ten words or less? Creative, happy, can do anything she sets her mind to.

Any regrets in life? Yes, but I'm not sure I would like to talk about it. Too personal.

Favorite Charity/Cause: I only donate to the LDS church, I know my money is going 100% to the right place, every single time. I'm sure there are other great ones out there, I just haven't the time to research them out and decide which ones are good and honest.

Favorite Blog recently? Hmmm. I like the blogs where I get regular entries. I hate waiting for weeks in between. Anyone who posts more than once a week!

Something you can't get enough of: Decent books and time to read them.

Worst job you’ve ever had: I worked at McD's for 1 whole hour. That was pretty lame. I realized a guy from school who teased me relentlessly worked there, I had another job offer at Orange Julius, so I took the OJ job and left McD's in the dust. I never did collect my paycheck!

What job would you pay NOT to have? Anything smelly, I have a sensitive nose.

If you could be a fly on the wall, where? This is going to sound weird, but right now I would be a fly on the wall of the big room in heaven where the Lord sits and talks about his children. I would want to know that everything is going to work out all right for my children.

Favorite Bible verse right now? Anything to do with rejoicing.

Guilty Pleasure: Desserts. It used to be People magazine, but when a recent edition had what I would consider soft-porn inside I have sworn off of it forever.

Got any confessions? Sometimes I don't feel as mentally strong as I like other people to think I am.

If you HAD to spend $1,000 on YOURSELF, how would you spend it? Bras, shoes, clothes. A really cool date night with H.

Favorite thing about your house? We still have it. With the financial crud that we have dealt with, I'm just glad to have one.

Least favorite thing about your house? I wish the basement was finished.

One thing you are bad at? I'm with Erin, keeping my opinion to myself. I judge too quickly, and make my opinions known.

One thing you’re good at? I love to write, whether I'm good is another story.

If you could change something about your circumstances, what? I wouldn't have to work.

Who would you like to meet someday? In the next life, of course: President and Sister Hinckley, Joseph Smith, Audrey Hepburn.

What makes you feel sexy? Painted fingers, toes, and a clothes that fit great.

Who is your real life hero? My parents, for raising six children and still having some sanity left.

When are you most relaxed? "At night after the kids are in bed and I can have a few minutes to myself. " (A direct quote from Erin, that I must 100% agree with.)

What stresses you out? All the clothes that need to be folded in my room, a never-ending supply!

What can you not live without? My shampoo, soap, my husband and my kids. All the rest is superfluous. Except food.

Do you agree or disagree with the recent article that reported that blogs are authored by narcissists? I haven't read the article, but I am a bit of a narcissist when it comes to my blog. I want others to read it, comment on it, and give me lots of heart-felt compliments. I have a pretty unending need to receive the praise of others. Pathetic.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Summer Guilt Trip

I have been worried about my lack of blogging. Life has been trying for me lately and because I haven't felt tip-top I let my blogging lag. Then today I am perusing my favorite blogs, wondering why so many are lacking in new posts, when I notice that Erin mentioned in her blog that my blog was among her favorites to read. I was already in the car, with the keys in the ignition, but that little revelation actually got my guilt trip really going.

Like I said, I have noticed a blogging lag from others too, so I haven't felt as bad about me not joining in the foray. Maybe its summer and we are all hot and tired? I have been doing a lot of thinking about summer time and how there is just TOO much of it. I like the vacation part of it, the seeing family and friends, having BBQs and get togethers. But those events happen just as often in other parts of the year.

Also, I have hay fever so it isn't like I am an outdoorsy person. In fact, on our recent trip to Wyoming I told Harold I thought I was allergic to WY. Then as we drove back into Utah I started sneezing and having that icky, needing-a-bottle-brush-feeling in my throat and realized I am allergic to Utah as well. I am allergic to my yard, my park, and my parents yard. I enjoy the indoors. The air conditioning, the fans, and the fact that somehow the air in there is filtered and I do not sneeze as much or require a bottle brush.

I have realized that the combination of heat, hay fever, and the fact that my kids have too much time on their hands have made me a bit of a summer hater. This makes me a bit sad because the thing I really love to do in the summer I cannot do any other time for the most part. I love the public pool. I know, that is shocking. I weigh too much, I look lousy in a bathing suit, and I even got crypto last year for 2 weeks. But I still love the public pool....if I don't think about the germs (don't get me started). Assuming chlorine is killing everything nasty (and that is a big assumption) I love the cold water on my skin, the slides, the fun kiddy play places in the water. I would go to the pool every day if I had the money. I must need the sunshine, the vitamin D from the rays, because I FEEL really good when I go to the pool (after I take a major self esteem hit when pregnant mothers look better in two piece swimsuits than I will ever look in a one piecer).

Our new city pool opened last week. They crammed the whole thing into one tiny space, but I feel like they really used the space well. There are 2 slides, a sweet lazy river (the lazy river speaks to my spirit), and a fun play place for the kids with a huge bucket on top that dumps hundreds of gallons of water, but only after a nice ringing sound to warn the crowd. I haven't tried the slides yet because I need a smaller crowd before I get brave enough to do it, and that might not happen until next season and I'm okay with that. I mostly enjoy the lazy river. My heaven is going to have the sweetest, nicest lazy river in it. I will look amazing in a swim suit and I will float along to take my mind off all my responsibilities. The cool water will drift over my skin and the sun's rays will embolden my soul.

Our next trip will be to Denver in a couple of weeks where we will join Brice and family in watching/following the cool steam train that goes from Denver to Cheyenne. We loved it last year and the kids, H and I are really looking forward to it again. We had to use our Delta vouchers, which is a bit of a bummer because I really wanted to use those for some place exotic, and despite the fact that we have family in Denver, I would in no way call it an exotic locale. That's okay, we get to fly with the kids and that will be fun for us all.

I'm just arriving back from my guilt trip, all the better for having gone, and feeling way less guilty. Thanks for the gasoline Erin, as I had everything else I needed for the trip!