Sunday, April 19, 2009


After we paid the bills yesterday and did the usual juggling (if you don't know what I mean, I have no explanation) and looked at what was left I felt pretty decent that we would make it until next pay day, we would just need to be careful.

Well, we ended up in Orem at Costco (for toilet paper) and because we passed the fancy running shop I mused aloud, "I sure wish I could get some nice walking shoes."

Harold: Why don't you?
Me: Uh, I thought that was obvious.
H: Come on, let's stop and you can at least try some on, but you really should get some.
Me: Um, ok. (I'm so hard to sway, aren't I?)

So we stop. We walk in and I'm sure the guy at the store was thinking, "Hmmm, which one of these super in-shape people are needing help with their running needs today. Wow, I can usually tell who is the runner, but today it's a real toss up."

Since he was so confused, he just asked, "How can I help you?"

Harold pointed at me and told the man I needed some good walking shoes. That moment was right about when I started seeing prices. 129.95? That cannot be! So I vowed to try on shoes, jot down the brand and style of the shoe, and start saving up. I believe buying nice shoes is one of my rewards for weight loss....actually, just a second and let me consult with my goal/reward sheet.

Ok, I'm back. Yep, my next reward is in 4 pounds and it is to buy new workout shoes. (As a side note, I've started really tracking calories and have FINALLY started losing weight again. This process is slow, but I feel like things are on the move in the right direction and I have big goals to lose all this da-- weight by the end of the year.)

Anyway, so I have 4 more pounds to lose before I get this new shoe reward so I'll just try some on. As any runners out there know, the fancy running stores take the optometry approach to shoes. Put one on your right foot, a different shoe on your left and walk around. Which shoe is better, right or left. Pick left, change out shoe on the right and go again. I did this about 4 or 5 times and voila, I found a shoe. The shoe is made by Asics and the name of the shoe is Cumulus. Get it? And, I do feel like I am walking on a cloud. These things are L-O-V-E-L-Y! Now, why is it the best feeling shoe is not the best looking shoe? Oh well. So then I get to the inevitable and ask the price. $95. Ouch. I then have this inner struggle. Will my children be able to eat this week if I buy these shoes. Will I have enough gas in the car? The struggle didn't last too long because I had my champion sitting there with me. Just get them Jeanna, You know you won't come back. Just get them now. These shoes will make a big difference, I promise. No, my champion isn't the little devil on my shoulder, it's Harold. He's the best!

So, I got the shoes. I did. My children will eat and if we run out of gas in the car, I'll WALK to the store. :) (Ok, now don't go thinking things are THAT dire around here, but I truly do have a hard time spending that kind of money on myself.)

I get up to the cash register, who has probably run way too many marathons in his life (as evidenced by his super thin frame and eyes crossed, probably looking for the finish line from about mile 2), and I say to the man, "so, do you have a first-time buyers discount?"

I learned this tactic from my father whose famous line is, "it doesn't hurt to ask."

The man hedged, but only for a small moment, before he reached into the cash register, pulled out a small coupon for $10 off, and threw it at me and said, "That's your coupon right?"


So, with taxes and such my total was $90 and I CANNOT WAIT to go walking again on Monday morning. Yay me! Cumulus, here I come.

Now, on to my next big event this week. I picked up my new glasses. Yes, the ones with "progressive" lenses. Meaning, I've "progressed" into middle age, I've "progressed" to needing reading and/or computer distance glasses as well as movies/tv/driving distance glasses, I've "progressed" into feeling older in a matter of 2 weeks since I found out I needed these lenses, I've "progressed" into paying WAY more for my glasses than I used to, I've progressed!

I put on my new glasses at the store and WHOA NELLY these things are freaky weird. Everywhere I look everything is blurry. Now, correct me if I'm wrong but I thought that glasses are supposed to bring everything into ~focus~!

This is what they tell me, "You have to find your sweet spot." Uhhhhhh.......ok. You don't move your eyes anymore, you move your head.

This turns me off. Instead of me casually looking to the left or right, I have to move my entire head! What the? Now I have visions of me looking like a bobblehead. I don't like it, I don't like it at all. I don't consider myself ultra-vain, but looking like a skittish Jack Russell isn't on my list of lifetime to-do's.

And, I've gotten minor headaches when I wear the glasses. EVERYONE tells me it takes time to get used to these babies, but I am living with regret. I wish I had just gone with the single vision lenses and kept on wearing my cheap reading glasses that I bought at Family Dollar (aka White Trash, USA).

However, since I spend a LARGE amount of time looking at the computer, either for work or recreation, I really needed these lenses. So, Sweet Spot, wherever you are, please come out from hiding and let me look! At least let me find you by the time I finish paying off the darn glasses! (And it wasn't the frame that cost money, I purposely ONLY looked at frames that my insurance would cover 100%, which is $100 or less) it was the LENSES that cost $240.

Did I mention that after I ordered the glasses that I called Harold. I was in the car on the way home and had to break the news that I was spending that kind of money on myself. He took the news better than I did, I cried. I did. I was devastated. The thought of blowing that kind of money on myself and on glasses? Plus, the whole event made me feel O.L.D. I was BAWLING on the phone, while he laughed. No lie. Wait, didn't I just say a few paragraphs ago that H. is the best? Hmmmmm...I'm reconsidering.

I also bawled because when I feel kind of down like that I want food and that wasn't an option so I was wanting a carbonated beverage. And that is even more out of the question. While I was bawling I was saying, "I want a soda....and I can't have one." And the husband laughed on. Even his female coworker who overheard the conversation was sympathetic....not like my husband.

Ok, ok, he did encourage the shoe buying so maybe he's redeemed himself.


Jules said...

If it makes you feel any better I spent more than the shoes on McKell's medicine. I wish I could have bought shoes with it. Of course my feet are so swollen I can't really get shoes on right now. The funny thing is I didn't think twice about buying the medicine, but I'm not sure if I could've brought myself to buy the shoes either. My husband would have done the same thing, we really did marry wonderful men. I've owned a couple good pairs of shoes in my life and the last ones I got were for Mother's day, it's coming up so maybe you count it as a gift for that.

I'm sorry about the glasses I've never worn glasses and I keep telling Adam I only have a couple more years of good eyesight left, I guess now I'm down to a few months. That number is coming fast. Oh well atleast we're still young and sassy at heart.

hyker said...

You crack me up! You had me laughing out loud. Sorry about the glasses. That sucks. But you're not that old, right? You're still young! So far I've been pretty lucky. My eye prescription has pretty much been the same since I was 17....and let's hope it stays that way.

Congrats on the shoes. Very nice. It's good to reward ourselves. As for me, I think I reward myself a little too often.

And in Harold's defense, I would have laughed too.

Becky said...

J. I don't even know how old you are! I've always thought of you as a youngin though.

I L.O.V.E.D. this post. Made me laugh and made me sympathize in many ways. I love it when my husband encourages me (like the devil) to buy something expensive for myself. And I cry about ridiculous things (feeling old) and then I cry about even more ridiculous things (wanting a soda to console me and knowing I can't) I'm like you! I guess we're all just getting old. Bummer.

Reed H. said...

Funny! We've so been there on all those moments...from the t.p. and wondering if the kids will get something better than mac 'n cheese for dinner all week to the "progressive" glasses. Myself, I REFUSE to give in to accepting the optometrists suggestions to go with the progressive lenses for us middle-aged geezers. Actually, I got new frames and updated lenses back in November before the insurance ran out for the year and have yet to wear them longer than about 15 minutes. Even though the old lenses are scratched and pock-marked. I hate adjusting to new lenses and just can't force myself to do it yet. Thanks for making me laugh. By the way, you have an exceptional husband.

Kimberlee said...

I bought some Asics about a year ago, and it about killed me! But they are the most comfortable shoes!

I understand your feelings about spending that much money on yourself, my current glasses have a crack in one of the lenses and one of the nose thingy's is super glued on because I hate to spend the money to get new ones!

Holley, Dane Brien & Wesley Berry said...

You are not O.L.D. You are fermenting like a fine wine...ah who am I kidding you're getting old and I can say that with a lot of love because I have forged ahead into the 40s decade. Really come on over its not so bad. Before you know it you'll be skinny and sexy and you've already got the sassy down, everyone will want to know where you got those kickin' glasses (kind of like the Sarah Palin trend).

You are not O.L.D. you are a trendsetter! You only get better and better.

Julie J. said...

Now that you've walked a mile or three in the "overpriced" shoes, do you still think they are overpriced?
Every pair of expensive shoes I've owned have been well worth it. I am a major advocate of buying the RIGHT shoes. Cheap shoes are bad for my health.
As for the glasses, I don't get it. Are they bifocals? I've never heard of this progressive lens you speak of.

jillicious said...

Great post!! I totally know what you mean about dropping money on something you didn't really expect to buy--but so worth it for a good pair of walking shoes!! I'm like that too about shoes, but when it comes to baking supplies or ingredients, it doesn't even phase me when the bill is over $100--I know, it's very weird. :)