Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Birfday Post

It's time for my birfday post. To honor our 40th birthday, H. and I went to Henderson, NV to celebrate. We stayed at the Green Valley Ranch Resort. Oh how I wish I had hundreds of dollars to spend here. They had a terrific spa that smelled Dee-vine. (We had to walk through the spa to get to the work out room, yes we worked out [once] while we were there.) They also had a hair salon. Mani, pedi, massage....maybe for my 50th?

This is the view from our window. Sorry about the blur, I blame our camera. The lights at the top left are Vegas in the distance. The pool had a sand bottom and the blue beds are exactly that....beds! You can totally lounge at the pool! Nice!

Another view out our window.

Bathroom shot. The glass shower door swung both ways, in the most innocent sense.

Sweet King Bed.

Me, weeping at the computer the morning of check out. Ok, really it's me checking the weather before we left.

Now on to Halloween! We spent Friday night at my parents house. We had a family dinner. Carrie and her family as well as Brittany W. came to town and we had a fun dinner. The funniest thing that happened was that I had requested that my mother make a white cake with holes poked into it and jello poured in it. Then you put whip cream on top (or Cool whip, whatever). Anyway, it came time for the cake and out comes an 8 inch round chocolate cake with a pumpkin drawn on top. Hmm....ok...not what I asked for, but I assumed they were just bringing out this little guy for candle blowing purposes. After I blew out the big 4 and the big 0 my SIL Britty asks if this was the cake I had been telling her about. I said, no. My sis Carrie explains that there was a problem with my requested cake and that this little chocolate guy was "it." I was like, What? Then I said, and I quote, "This is the worst birthday ever!" Everyone laughed and left to go cut the stupid little cake. I almost started to cry, for real. I had been looking forward to my yummy lemon cake for a while. Then all of a sudden the REAL cake comes out and my family starts laughing. They thought it would be funny to play a trick on the 40-year-old. NOT FUNNY PEOPLE! My dad thought I was 100% ridiculous for having declared this the worst birthday ever over a CAKE! But, my dad doesn't worship food the way the rest of our family does. I think everyone else completely understood.

My kids and my sister's children as well. So great to hang with the sistas on my bday.

S. the ninja. Yes, she hand made the stars attached to her ninja belt.

My cowboy.

Thanks to our old bishop for BEING a real cowboy and having the goods for our son to use for dress up!

My BIL Justin, he dresses up every year. I respect any adult who does this and Justin rocks!

I stole this one from Britty's blog but for some reason I don't have any pics of Britty on my camera. Britty shared our birthday weekend with us and it was sweet! Thanks for coming B.

Me and the sistas under the big witch hat. (Holy cow, I was looking at this post and realized that we all 3 look a TON alike.....crazy. Maybe triplets? Ok, my little sisters won't appreciate that comment, seeing that they are YEARS younger than I.....but I don't care....I think we look strikingly similar here.)

The birfday girl. I had a terrific week with my man and a terrific weekend with tons of family and a lot of candy! :) And yes, 40 does look this good!!!


Brittany said...

i can't believe you left out your many changes in wardrobe. hmmmm...

your 40 was fun for me too! thanks for sharing!

ps - the lemon cake was so much better than the pumpkin cake. not that i ate the pumpkin cake. but store bought cakes are NEVER good!

Jeff said...

I can't believe you're 40! I can't believe that I am almost 40!!!!! Sounds like you had a good week and I'm glad that you got the cake you wanted. It's the little things in life that make us happy.

Holley, Dane Brien & Wesley Berry said...

Looks like tons of fun! All I got when I turned 40 was prank phone calls from my family. I protest and I think I'll have a do over this year. So I'm still 39 ha ha ha!

Abbie said...

Happy Birthday Jeanna! Wow, what a trip to NV! Awesome hotel too. I laughed about the cake. TOo funny.

Julie J. said...

Um, I'm pretty sure you DID cry... Great post and happy birthday. I was glad the lemon cake was there too. It was GOOD!

mom/Janet said...

You are way too excited about turning 40. Hope you continue to have a good time as you age.

mooney said...

Happy 40th!!! You look wonderful and no older than 30! The resort you stayed in looks lovely...I want to go there and relax by the pool.

Glad you had such a good time.

Cote Corner said...

Hey sis.. i haven't checked your blog in FOREVER! (I haven't checked ANY blogs in forever, so don't feel bad!) Anyway.. I'm with you.. we all look like sisters.. that's for sure! :) glad we were all able to celebrate your b-day together!