Monday, June 21, 2010

White Board

Two whole months. Writer's block? Life block? Nonetheless....She's baaaack!

I've been tossing a post around in my head, waiting for my camera to take a picture of our white board. Then...suddenly, my daughter erased the white board and put new quotes up.

Super Sad Face:
But, I HAVE to blog about the whiteboard post-apocalypse.

Here were the entries:
"If music be the food of on." Shakespeare

"Katniss, there is no District 12." Gale, Catching Fire

If you ever want to know what is on the mind of a 14-year-old girl, get a whiteboard, some dry erase markers and never, ever pass judgment on what is written.

There was also a code on the whiteboard, written by yours truly:

3.0 HG
3.1 CF
3.2 MJ

If you can figure out the code.....I will personally write an entire post on what a smarty pants you are! Go ahead, give me your code cracking skills, your amazing brain yearning to break free! Comments encouraged!!

And now.....drum roll please......
My latest and greatest get-rich-quick scheme? Ok, maybe more like a take-charge-of-my-financial-future plan. A teaching certificate. Secondary education. Teaching English to junior high or high schoolers. Crazy, you ask? Possibly. Still talking over my options with my better half? Yes indeedy!

As for exercise? You really want to know? Yep, I started up again. I am on my former 3.25 mile route, with a friend. Walk/running. I had lost 3-4 pounds in 2 weeks....but as of yesterday morning the 3-4 pounds found me again. What the? Seriously? Not fair. I did absolutely NOTHING to deserve that one. I have no explanation.

I've decided, I'm just going to keep plugging along. I feel great when I exercise! It's fantabulous!


Emalei said...

Augh! I'm reading The Hunger Games right now and you didn't warn your readers that there were spoilers!!! Katniss lives?! That means she's the winner of the games!? There's no District 12?!! What the-!?

Jeanna said...

Em- It isn't a spoiler, I promise. Who said anything about K. being a winner?

Brittany said...

well the hunger games reference went straight over my head...

sounds like happy things all around! i think you would enjoy teaching (though i personally would NEVER choose junior high). good news about the running too!

i've been waiting to see pics of your trip to california and of grease. please post those...

Holley, Dane Brien & Wesley Berry said...

Teacher!!!! I think you would absolutely be FABULOUS as a teacher! How long would you have to go back to school for to get your teaching cert?

I think the code is

3.0 - Harold
3.1 - Your Dad (Cliff)
3.2 - Your Mom (MaryJean)

Refrigerator Poetry kits are fun too. It's really interesting what the boys will put on the fridge. It's almost like their status update on facebook.

Glad your back. I've missed you!

The Wells said...

Sign up to substitute and then talk to the English teachers to let them know you will sub. That will give you a very little bit of insight as to being a teacher.

I was subbing last year but mostly for 1st grade. I really liked it. I am still on the fence about going back to school to get the degree needed to take on my own class. And subbing...I didn'thave to grade anything.

mom/Janet said...

Welcome back. You inspire me. I had a break from exercising and am now back at it. I have gone for YEARS exercising and took a 2 weeks break. Just sick of it all but I'm back at it. Hope it all works for the better for you. You'd be a good teacher. What better way to have more kids? :)

Abbie said...

I have always thought that you would be way AWESOME at teaching. But... you should leave Utah so that at least you are paid decently. :)

Love your posts as always. So glad that you are back!!

Katie said...

You'd be a sweet teacher but I agree with one of the comments that you better move out of UT if you want to get paid a decent ammount. Good job with the running/walking...more than I can say at the moment.

Emalei said...

Ok, as a teacher of 5/6th graders, and a teacher in a school with 7th and 8th graders, are you SURE you want to teach middle schoolers? Very few are as sweet as your S. Most of them are surly and unaware of anyone but themselves and their friends who they are desperately trying to impress. That said, I work with a few teachers who acknowledge their surleyness (is that a word?), but love them aching. Anyway. I think you would be a great teacher! The kids really would love you and your personality! You could inspire a lot of kids. I LOVE teaching. I have no idea what the code is. Your GPA? GPAs of your friends? Kids?

Emalei said...

I have no idea what the "aching" is doing in my post. It was supposed to say "anyway." My bad.

Julie J. said...

I know what the letters stand for-- But I'm pretty much stumped on the numbers, so here are my theories...
Hunger Games
Catching Fire
Mocking Jay
and the number stand for how long it took you to read each of them.
#2 (Matt's number theory)
3 minus 0= 3
3 minus 1= 2
3 minus 2= 1
A count down to Mocking Jay.
Hunger Games was your third favorite book EVER and since Catching fire and Mocking Jay are continuations of the same story they therefore still count as the third favoite point one and two.