Monday, October 11, 2010


This post may be a bit early, but I happened upon a post from January of this year and thought I'd do a quick self-eval. (Since I just had to do a self-eval for work, why not do one for my family life?

In January I posted about our family motto: The year of dangerously following your dreams and wishes strongly!!

Have we done this? Let's recount the year so far.

H: Started school. Hoping to get into the master's in counseling program. Dangerous, possibly. A dream, not sure. A wish, probably not. Strongly, always!

J: Nothing new that was in my control. Dangerous, sometimes. A dream, honestly? depends on how you look at it, sometimes nightmarish. A wish, never. Strongly, yes.

S. Straight A grades thus far. Dangerous, no. A dream, YES! A wish, YES x50! Strongly, you know it!

M: Sixth grade. Dangerous, sometimes yes. A dream, not so far. A wish, does wishing to get out of 6th grade count? Strongly, YESSIRREE!

Nichols clan: Our year thus far has been full of struggles, struggles I haven't blogged about. Dangerous, yes. A dream, no. A wish, no. Strongly, I'm proud to report, yes.

I'm proud of us. Life hasn't exactly attacked us, nor has it left us behind. So, we have had dangerous moments, not too many dreams or wishes are coming true, but I'm happy to say we've all been strong.

Strong and steady wins the race, right?

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Dale said...

You guys are simply the best!! Seriously!!