Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Chunk Excision-A Duet

The dermatologist explained "severely atypical" to me. On the range of mild atypia to melanoma, apparently severe atypia is one step away from melanoma. Awesome.

I had the chunk excision (thanks for the graphic Julie) yesterday. The cool part? He made my scar look like an X.

I will probably start telling people the scar is from a bullet hole.

Savannah and her good friend Catherine are singing a duet at the choir concert on Friday. The wanted advice on body posture/language so they FINALLY sang the song for me so I could give feedback. I cried. They sang so beautifully. I will probably post the video here. Stay tuned.


Julie J. said...

Remember the time you got shot in the arm? That was Crazy times.

Jeanna said...

Julie, you're awesome!

Josette said...

I haven't been to your blog for a while...i'm brittany's friend if you forgot. BUT, I just had to comment and share that I just got this exact same thing done in the exact same place as you...left upper arm. FUnny. My scar looks hideous, but it's still healing. BOO MOLES! I mean BOO BEAUTY MARKS!!