Friday, February 20, 2015

Gospel Doctrine

Have you ever sat in Gospel Doctrine class on Sunday and thought, "I am so glad I don't have to teach this class. What a nightmare!" 

Well, I've thought that. Numerous times. In fact, I've often thought if I ever got that calling that I would probably die and that would be the end of me. 

As it turns out, I got the calling. And I did not die. 

Interesting note: Not only did I NOT die, I realized pretty immediately that the calling was a direct answer to my prayers and would be a major blessing in my life. 

I've only taught one lesson so far. That lesson was pretty funny. The first half was me just blazing through material. This wasn't happening because I needed to get through the lesson, it was happening because I was so incredibly nervous. Once I calmed down a bit I was able to enjoy the lesson more and listen to comments and incorporate the comments into the lesson better. 

I teach my second lesson in two days and I'm super excited. The lesson is about Matthew 5; The Sermon on the Mount. What a goldmine! I mean, the Savior really dropped a massive gift with this chapter. And, the importance of it was emphasized when he repeated the same things to the Nephites in 3 Nephi. 

Even though I am quite nervous to teach again, I cannot being to explain how grateful I am and how excited I am. 

Heavenly Father knows each of us. He knows our struggles. And he wants us to be successful in this life. He aids us by giving us scriptures, prophets, apostles, the priesthood, church programs, the Holy Ghost. I know that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the true church of God on the earth. I know because when I study the gospel and truly apply the principles in my life, I am happier. I feel more at peace. I have more joy. And I know that the gospel gives me the tools needed to protect my children. They have the ability to make their own decisions and may walk away from all I've taught, but I will know that I did all I could by teaching them what I know to be true. The Book of Mormon is another testament of Christ and enhances and illuminates the Bible. 

I am loving my calling. I'll probably need reminding of this every time I get crazy nervous to teach. 


Brittany said...

Isn't it great when H.F. takes over and you're like, "yeah, your idea was much better."

We had the best, seriously, GD teachers in our last ward. I'd get frustrated when they'd schedule other supplemental classes...especially when I was "required" to go. I just looooved GD!!! They made it fascinating to learn.

I think you'll be an amazing teacher. Class discussion is key, and it sounds like you've already got that down. Good luck Sister Nichols!

Jeff said...

Wow! I have to say it: Better you than me! I seriously don't think I could handle teaching gospel doctrine. I have a hard time just making the occasional comment. Good for you! I'm sure you're doing an amazing job!

Jeanna said...

Thanks for your encouragement and support! Jeff, I need to tell you, I NEVER made comments in GD. Never! There are so many people and there are a handful who like to comment repeatedly. Harold said yesterday's lesson went well, and I choose to believe him. I didn't feel super great about it, but I didn't feel bad about it either. It was really great material so I'm grateful for that. :)