Tuesday, June 16, 2015


I feel a great deal of gratitude in general lately. The biggest piece of news is that Harold got a great job offer. The job is closer to home than his previous job and we are pleased with the salary.

One thing I'm looking forward to is having him home at a decent hour every night. We have not had a standard 8-5 schedule since our first year of marriage. All his other jobs were at an airline, in retail, out of town, or crazy weird hours. Yay for 8-5!!!

I have a post in the making about the Cultural Celebration for the Payson Utah Temple.....what a great experience. More later...

I found myself this past Sunday feeling completely full to the brim with gratitude for the blessings Heavenly Father has given me and my family.

My lesson this past week was on avoiding being a hypocrite. There is no difference between me and the Pharisees because they 1. Attended their meetings, 2. Paid tithes, 3. Helped the poor, and 4. Attended the temple.

The difference is.....my heart. I hope my heart continually seeks to be in the right place. I have had times when I do the right thing and hope others see me. Then there are times when I do the right thing because I want to serve the Lord. I just hope as I get older and time goes by that I worry less and less about the world and more and more about what Heavenly Father thinks of me.

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leisa said...

Love this post. And I'm so glad to hear Harold found a job, yay!