Friday, August 28, 2009

Highlights, Lowlights

Wow, my blogging record has been less than desirable lately and since I can't think of any great story to tell, I'll just bore you with the highlights.

Highlight: The new car is great!
Lowlight: Last Saturday, going northbound I-15 we were traveling near a truck with large rocks...yep, one came loose and hit our windshield. Nice new crack. Thankfully it doesn't obscure our vision and we are leaving it for up to 2 years until our next state-mandated safety check before we replace it.

Highlight: Harold is rocking the house on his new diet/lifestyle change. He looks terrific and feels really good, too.
Lowlight: I'm holding steady because I have had such an affinity for ice cream lately.....

Highlight: Kids started school.
Lowlight: Soccer started as well. I love watching the kids play, but the schedule makes my brain wanna explode!

Highlight: Our summer was fantastic! Our trip to Oregon is still making me happy to think about.
Lowlight: There is none! Fall is bringing about some big birthdays and a celebratory mood pervails!

Highlight: I was released as Primary Pianist and called to serve as the Compassionate Service Leader.
Lowlight: Does this mean I have to be compassionate? Ok, I'm only slightly kidding. I love the CSL calling, I've done it before and I look forward to serving. I have been doing a lot of introspection on this subject and I'm looking foward to some spiritual fine tuning. (Not exactly a lowlight, is it?) The release from primary also puts me on the list to substitute as the RS pianist occasionally. This will also help me hone the piano skills!! Yay!

Highlight: Harold "fixed" our camera by replacing the batteries.
Lowlight: For real, I replaced the batteries right before it konked out! What the???

Highlight: Tonight is date night.
Lowlight: I have to work. Take out and a DVD!


Julie J. said...

Highlight: Jeanna Blogged!
Lowlight: There is none, I just hope you keep them coming!

Jeff said...

Welcome back. I've missed you! Good post. Sounds like things are going well. Too bad about the windshield. Same thing happened to me. My car was only days old when I got hit by a rock and chipped the windshield. Oh, well. nature of the beast, I guess. And I'm looking forward to the big party in October. Can't wait!

Collette said...

Yay for the update! I was wondering if you had quit blogging.
When I was called to be the compassionate service leader in our Ricks ward my roommates (and I) laughed. I was about the least compassionate person they knew...

mom/Janet said...

A rock chip has happened to us many a time with a new car. There's a great place in UT that filled in the chip, while we were visiting in Park City.(if it's only a chip) It keeps it from running(if it hasn't already) Have fun on your date night.