Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Soccer Season

I know I've complained in the past about the soccer schedule. My brain feels like it is going to explode when I think about weeknights for the next 6 weeks as we go to soccer game after soccer game.

But, I LOVE this sport, love it. I love how I can sit right on the field and watch my child run around, exercise their body, and sweat profusely. I love seeing them so happy and embracing something so good for them. They both LOVE to play and they are both quite good, in my opinion. Will they play professional soccer, no, but I don't care. I prefer the small field, the small crowd, the general comraderie among the kids and parents.

Last night's game was particularly fun because as I sat watching the game the moon was coming up. I wish I had a sweet camera to capture what I saw. Beautiful child, beautiful earth.

For the next little while you can find me at the field, on my camping chair, probably some hand sewing to be done, relaxing in the night air, enjoying the game, and feeling blessed.


Becky said...

Ahhhh! I feel relaxed just reading that! What a great perspective on something that otherwise explodes the brain.

I like your Highlight Lowlight post too! Love the new car! Cracked windshield...BOO!!!

Ronda said...

Here, here. I love spending evenings out doors cheering on our young breed and soaking up the feeling of sportsmanship and fresh air. I don't care if it makes my schedule/life hectic. Tonight sitting in my camp chair and watching one play soccer while the others rolled down an enormous hill and giggled with the other children was heaven on a crazy day.

mom/Janet said...

Bill and I have commented many times how much we miss the nights of watching the kids play sports. Those were good times but these times are great too. Stay home, enjoy a movie, enjoy each other's company and just be.

Holley, Dane Brien & Wesley Berry said...

I love Soccer! This is my last season as a soccer mom and so I'm really trying to enjoy every single moment.

It really is so wonderful to see your child being healthy, happy and learning to relate to other people in a positive way, whether it be facing a loss with grace and dignity or embracing a win also with grace and dignity.