Thursday, September 23, 2010

The School Bell Ringeth

School Updates:

The Boy: This story could go on and on. As many times as you've heard me rant and rave about SEPs, this one was different. This SEP was the first time I ever felt like maybe the teacher isn't a good match for my child. As we walked in, the boy was telling me how many times he has had to "pull a card," which essentially means he had some sort of behavior problem during class. Now, my boy has pulled a few cards in his day, but nothing like the amount he was reporting to me. I listened, tried to explain to the boy that there are times when talking during class is inappropriate. But, the more he described his experiences, the more my hackles were raised.

I went into the classroom and couldn't even look the teacher in the eye. Why? Because she was intimidating, even for me. She was about my age. But, she just came out of the gate so fast and so stern. I left feeling small, truly I did. This year, I need to pay close attention to the boy. Make sure he is getting the TLC he needs. He is a sensitive boy with a heart of gold. If the teacher makes a sweeping request, "Anyone talking right now, pull a card!" and my boy will go do it, because he's honest like that. Unfortunately, not all children respond the same way as my boy. So, he is constantly feeling berated and low in the classroom. Like I said, I gotta keep on eye on that.

The girl: This paragraph will be significantly shorter. Why? Here is the reason. All A's and one A-. I want to hug her and squeeze her and prance around showing off her grades for all the world to see. Her dedication so far is amazing. Go Girl GO!!!!

The husband: Yes, if I'm going to talk about school, the husband gets a shout out. He decided to enroll again. He's going to pursue a degree in counseling, an LPC to be exact. He will be in class for six weeks, and then he'll receive either a stamp of approval from some kind of LPC experienced round table, or a stamp of denial. If approved, he'll be in school for 2 years, then go into an internship for three more years. He's feeling good, feeling strong, feeling like this is the right pursuit. And, as his wife, I stand behind my man. Go husband , GO!!!


Abbie said...

Wow my dear. THat is incredible. I am really excited about H going back to school. I could shout from the rooftops, GO H!!!!! That is so awesome. Way to live the dream. :)

Brittany said...

way to go h! you can do it! and so can you s! and m! and j! hip-hip-hooray for the whole fam!