Tuesday, September 7, 2010

She Camps!

Ok, that might be overstating things....just a bit. However, our family joined some good friends this weekend at a place in Fairview canyon and went a'camping. Hi ho, the merry-o, and all that.

Now, did you know I'm not a camper? Did you know that the entire time I grew up my parents never, ever took our family camping? When father's/son's would come up, my dad would entice the boys away from camping by luring them to a baseball game instead. And girl's camp? Nope. I went one year when we lived in Utah...but when we got back to California, I just wasn't interested. In fact, a lot of years when I'd go pick up my sisters at the church on a Saturday afternoon at the end of their girl's camp stay, I'd joke around with the mothers that were there that our idea of camping was a Motel 6.

Here's the deal: I like to shower. I do. I like being clean, doing my hair, and putting on make-up. I like flushing toilets. I like being comfortable at night, and not having a rock in my back, or be frozen solid when I "wake up" which is a complete joke, because I just don't sleep AT ALL while camping.

So, off we went to Fairview. But the clincher is this-Our friends have a camper. We got to sleep inside where it turns out, there was heat! and a bed! and a toilet! and a shower! Not to mention a kitchen and a refrigerator.

I was warm and able to flush a toilet! Ahhhhhhhh...............

And we did my very favorite activity of all time. Activity is actually a misnomer. We did nothing. Teehee....I love that!

My friend actually warned me that she and her husband might be boring while we were out. I was a-okay with that. I had a great time doing nothing. It rocked. And I can see why people go camping, but only with a camper! and with great friends!


Abbie said...

I definitely preferred camping with a trailer though the only time we did it was with Grandma and Grandpa. Glad that you had fun! :)

Collette said...

Lucky! Camping with a trailer with all the amenities would be nice.
Did you freeze? Oh wait, you had heat! :) Sounds like fun.
I hate camping as well...however my husband loves it. Its an annual summer struggle in our home.

Jeff said...

I'm so proud of you!

Holley, Dane Brien & Wesley Berry said...

Nice when you have friends who can hook you up. Although Motel 6 camping is fun too!