Saturday, November 13, 2010

Can You See Why We're So Proud??

Have 15 years really gone by that fast? I am so very very proud to be the mother of this girl. She is delightful, funny, interesting, smart, driven, and beautiful. She makes my life better every single day. She brings us joy beyond measure. She is our work and our glory. I thank my father in heaven for her.

Somewhere between January 7 (the day we got married) and January 14 of 1995 we decided we needed to have children. We thought the process might take a while, but no, we found out we would be parents by mid November. We were surprised to find we'd be parents before our first anniversary. And some even found our fast pregnancy kind of cliche. But I couldn't be more grateful to my heavenly father for his spirit that whispered to us that we were to be parents sooner rather than later.

Being a mother to this girl has filled me up and made me more complete.

Happy Birthday Pooky.


James and Jenny said...

You guys are awesome parents and you have awesome kids! Happy Birthday Savannah!

Brittany said...

this girl has a special place in my heart too. i lova-lova-love her so much!

Julie J. said...

Happy Birthday Sav! You were just a little munchkin when I joined the fam.

Jana Brookes said...

She is a great girl! Good job you two!! Happy birthday Savannah!

Holley, Dane Brien & Wesley Berry said...

Sav, you really are a beautiful and talented young woman. I hope you had a wonderful birthday! You remind me so much of your Mom when we were your age. I'm sure you have many exciting adventures ahead. Keep up the good work, you won't regret it.