Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Sexy or Infectious?

I have a cold. One of those weird head colds. I won't go into too much detail because that's just gross. However, I have a weird kind of voice going on. One of those cool Demi Moore deals...or at least that's how it sounds to my plugged up ears. Too bad my sexy voice isn't as alluring as I'd like to think....because shockingly my dear husband doesn't want to kiss these infected lips. Boo.

Lately I've been crazy busy. The good kind of busy. I'm enjoying the new calling, doing lots of fun things, WINNING THE STAKE VOLLEYBALL CHAMPIONSHIPS! Hello! I didn't see that one coming. The girls were seriously just out to have some fun. They were enjoying themselves immensely, win or lose. But it turns out in a double elimination tournament, we only lost once....and went on to the championship....and had to beat that team TWICE in one night. Three hours of intense games, me pacing, the girls throwing serve after serve after serve. Diving for the ball, figuring out how to return when the server on the other team is this close to being a professional v-ball player. It was fun to watch one of my counselors getting super intense. When the crazy semi-pro girl came up for service, just to break the server's stride. my counselor would call a time out. Hilarious. Once I caught Sav mouthing the ref, I told her to hold still, the ref made a good call. Then my daughter said, "I can't help it, I have Johnson in me." Ok, true dat. What can we say, Johnson's are sticklers for rules and, ahem, winning.

Have I mentioned how much I love my presidency? I'm feeling really good about our combination. And, have I mentioned how this calling has already challenged me in ways I didn't see coming? Oh...and...the girls really truly are great together. They have fun. They like being together. I hope that over time we can have so much fun and do so many great things, specifically that we can create spiritual experiences together, that I can call these girls "my girls." Camp is already stressing me out. I have no idea when we are doing camp or where. Hey, I've got 8 months right? Crud, did I say 8? Time.Is.Running.Out.

My girl got the 4.0 she worked for her first semester. My boy just got a Certificate of Merit for his entry into the Reflections contest. H. got accepted to the Master's in Mental Health Counseling program.

If only I could shake this cold....but if this cold is my trial, I'll take it. I've had much worse.


Bridget said...

I can't even describe the memories that came flooding back to me from my days in yw's volleyball when I read this. How awesome that you get to share this with your girls!
So I heard something the other day and I honestly do not remember the source, so you can take it or leave it. But someone told me that colds are mostly spread through mucus from the nose or eyes and not saliva. Which if that's true, you can make H give you lots of kisses!

Brittany said...

pucker up harold! :)

this post made me happy. i love your little family so much and it brings such joy to me when i hear that things are going well for you. you deserve it!

Holley, Dane Brien & Wesley Berry said...

Awesome!!!! So glad that things seem to be going your way. You all deserve the many accolades you've received. What a perfect way to start out November, having so many blessings to count.

mom/Janet said...

Does this mean I can get some free counceling from Harold a few years down the road? I hope so. Sounds like things are going well with you.