Wednesday, April 24, 2013

She's Back!

Savvy got home yesterday. I missed her. She is a fun part of our family and I am starting to glimpse the life of an empty nester and how it must be kinda lonely. My only consolation will be if we win the lottery, we'll be traveling so much I won't have to worry about missing my grown children. And we can drop in on them any time, because grown children and their spouses love that, right?

While Sav was gone we had regular contact via text and cell phone. A lot of her reports included information about a boy who was basically following her around. She likened him to a puppy dog needing it's mother. I thought she was being a little harsh. Then I saw her pictures. Seriously, that kid was in a TON of her pics. Nearby, lurking. Not creepy, just kinda funny to me. Like he was photobombing but didn't really get the joke. Sav actually did say he was being a creeper, her word for a boy who hangs around, seemingly uninvited.

Nevertheless, it's good to have her back. Now we get to harass her about making up for lost homework....until school ends. Yippee.

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Holley said...

Glad she had a good time and didn't violate the "tape" rule. You can tell she is a rule follower like her DAD.

Have fun with the homework nagging. I can honestly say I don't miss that part a bit.