Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Another Wednesday, another weigh In

This blogging thing is going to be a little harder than I thought. Only because I type for a living so it is hard for me to get back on and do more typing to post a blog. Plus, I have vacation in a day or two and I definitely will not be blogging while I am away. No computer access. Nice!

Anyway, today is Wednesday and therefore the dreaded weigh in. Funny how sometimes it is dreaded and sometimes it is completely exciting. I dropped 3.6 last week, so this week has been a struggle to maintain. For some reason it seems to work that way for me. I have also had an unusually strong craving for Capn Crunch Berries this week. I know, they are disgusting and bad for me but I couldn't help it. Plus, I just wanted bowls and bowls of cereal. I wasted all kinds of points on them. I don't usually eat cold cereal because 1.) I can't control myself and eat only one bowl. 2.) the points go up pretty quickly when eating what I used to consider 1 serving size. AND 3.) Sometimes I just get sick of pulling out measuring cups to have a bowl of cereal.

And to be honest with you, those food dyes do crazy things to the intestinal tract. I know, too much information.

Crossing my fingers for a maintain this week!

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