Monday, December 10, 2007

Biology Rocks

Okay, who ever thought they would hear me say that? or write it, whatever. I have thoroughly enjoyed this class, it has been fun to learn and fun to go to class. What I am about to tell you in no way effects how I truly feel about biology, but it doesn't hurt the love either.

Today in biology class my professor opened up the word document that contained the final and projected it onto the big screen. He did this the other day and foretold that he would do this every day as an incentive to keep us coming to class. I didn't need an incentive because I like going to that class, but I like looking at the final too.

So today he opens up the final and proceeds to go through every question, yes every single question. I madly type up notes so that I can study from them when some student in the class says that he has typed up the final and has now emailed it to everyone in the class. I check, sure enough the final is in my inbox. The teacher is cracking up at this point but then says, I didn't want to tell you this until Wednesday but for the final I will go ahead and post the final on blackboard (online teacher/student aid) and all you will have to do is email me your responses.

Let me recap. I saw the whole final, got all the answers in class and I have a copy of it in my email. Now all I have to do is send in my responses next week.

Yes, I will be getting an A in the class. A lot of that has to do with my teacher who rocks the planet, but I did study quite hard for the other tests and feel like I put in some serious time trying to learn the stuff and so I feel my A is deserved.

My teacher and I: This is what I call a symbiotic relationship.


Daledogg said...

Jeanna, I love your final comment. I laughed out loud when I read it. Secondly, it reminds me of a story my dad tells me every now and then:

He was struggling in a Chem class needed for nursing school and went into his teacher to ask for some extra credit he could do to boost his grade. The teacher says that he has seen him in class and can tell he works hard. He then asks my dad what grade he needs and as my dad tells him "at least an A-", he erasses my dad's old grade and gives him an A- for the semester.

Why have I missed out on such nice teachers? I went in today to contest a grade on a recent midterm. I was nice about it, plus I sit in the front every day and ask questions and answer questions from the readings. We go over my test and I make my case and he gives me absolutely no love! I got two points. He was nice about it as well, but I am bitter right now. Anyways, congrats on your BIO class. Hope to get some of the same luck next semester when I take that class.

P.S. Sorry for ranting on YOUR blog.

Brent and Collette said...

Wow Jeanna, that is awesome! We're with Dale (I read this to Brent) we never felt that love. Congrats on the A.

mom/Janet said...

Wow Jeanna, that's what you get for being a non-traditional student. :) Bill tends to embelish when he tells a story and Dale's recount of one of them is a perfect example. When Bill tells the story, I insist that it couldn't possibly have happened that easily. He swears by it, however. And this is the guy that gives anesthesia.......his grades were handed to him. :)

Juliew8 said...

Jeanna, Is this the same school I went to 11 years ago. Not only did I ever get my hands on a final, even the professors who gave out a "study sheet" never even tested from that. What an awesome professor. I am so glad you loved the class.

Holley, Dane Brien & Wesley Berry said...

You Do Deserve the A!!! Enjoy it. Let the Holiday/post finals celebrating begin a bit early.

Brittany said...

that is nice!

acote2 said...

That's awesome!!