Wednesday, December 19, 2007

One Week's Worth of Blogging Shoved Into One Post.

Without going into too much detail, my finals pretty much went how I thought they would with one exception: My history final. I was completely prepared for 8 out of the 10 questions he asked, rolling the dice, hoping only one of the other two would show up. I was unlucky and he asked both of the questions I wasn't prepared for. So I had to flub an answer on how Mao was as a politician. Yikes. I'm just glad it's over.

I wanted to be done with school by today because today is the one-year anniversary of when I went into surgery. I have thought a lot lately about whether or not the life I have led this past year is one that the Lord would be pleased with. I am feeling like I have progressed both because of going back to school but also personally. I gained a greater testimony this year of the Savior and his love for us and that he knows us personally and that when you feel like no one else in the entire universe understands you or what you are going through that there is one person who does. I really have felt the Savior's love this year and I am not just talking about one year ago during surgery, though that was a big event, there have been other trials that have felt even bigger believe it or not. I guess that is what life is about. Progression, harder and harder, building spiritual muscles. I read on Collette's blog about believing, about how as her father in law was sick and dying that her mother in law said, Now is the time to decide whether you really believe what you profess to believe. That touched me so deeply and I want to make my testimony heard, I Believe. In those defining moments when you have to decide whether or not everything you profess to be true is really true, I am here to tell you, Yes, It's True.

I just realized that my surgery has some things in common with when I delivered my kids. So, here are my comparisons and if they don't shed a very flattering light on me or my husband.....well.....

1A: The night before I went into surgery I had to do a bowel prep. I was only allowed to have clear liquids from about 3 o'clock until after surgery. At around 8 or 9 after we picked up my parents from the airport we all went out to eat. I ordered French Onion Soup, broth only, and Sprite. Harold proceeded to have a huge meal with dessert and everything.

1B: When I was in labor with Mack and couldn't eat, Harold kept going to the Father's Cupboard and eating string cheese, danish, whatever he could find. I was ticked. And he had just had a huge meal at KFC prior to arriving at the hospital. I wasn't hungry so much as bitter that he would eat, knowing I couldn't, on both occasions.

Lesson Learned: Stress makes Harold eat.

2A: When I arrived back into my room after postop recovery one of the docs explained to me how surgery went and what they had found. Harold asked if I would remember any of what she said and she answered, "Probably not." I remembered everything, despite my drowsiness, I was just so exhausted from the surgery and from hearing the good news I could barely speak.

2B: After Mackson was born the doc kept saying he thought Mack would weigh in at over 10 pounds. I was shocked, but you wouldn't have known it. I was so tired from labor that I didn't even say one word for about 30 minutes after his delivery. I am sure I looked pretty hashed too.

Lesson Learned: Uterus or baby, my memory does come through for major events.

3A: While I was in labor, walking up and down the hallway of our apartment Harold cleaned the entire house in preparation for my delivery and my mother's visit.

3B: While dealing with the colon prep aftermath and lying on the couch, Harold cleaned the entire house in preparation for my mother.

Lesson Learned: Harold likes to come home to a clean house when he comes home from the hospital. And, he doesn't want my mother (or his for that matter) seeing a dirty house.

4A: My mother attended both of my births, and my father attended the first one as well.

4B: My mother and father were there in the waiting room with Harold during surgery.

Lesson Learned: No matter how old you get, my mother is still my mommy and my dad is still my daddy.

5A: My best friend in California, Lisa, came and saw me prior to Sav's birth. After Mack's birth Karen came and brought me donuts and chocolate milk.

5B: One of my dearest friends Robyne came with her husband to see me postop after surgery.

Lesson Learned: It is the best of friends who come to the hospital. (I know Karen would have been there had she not just had a c-section one week prior.)

LIFE LESSON LEARNED: I have the most amazing husband, children, friends, parents, and family. I love you all and on this most beloved of holidays may we all BELIEVE!


acote2 said...

I think it's awesome that despite everything you have been thru lately you can still see the positive in it. It really is amazing how much we need our Mommy and Daddy when we're down or sick. One day we will be the mommy our kids turn to. Hopefully we can be there for them! :) I feel blessed to have such a wonderful sister with such a love for her family, friends and the gospel! You're the best Jeanna!!

Holley, Dane Brien & Wesley Berry said...

Congrats on a job well done. One semester behind you and one more to go. You really are an amazing woman and you have so much to be proud of. I'm so glad that you are healthy, now we just need to work on the wealthy part! Lotto anyone? Love you.

Brittany said...

congrats on completing the semester! one down - one to go....

thanks for sharing your thoughts on the importance of life. i hope that in the defining moments of my life that i live and reflect the principles i've learned and committed to. and what i've said i believed - i really will believe. i think it really is important to live the gospel every day so when those moments do come - you have no doubt.

and yes - moms are great! i think every time that i have felt "bed ridden" sick - my thoughts are always "i want my mom." even most recently two days before my wedding when i had the stomach flu - i was soooooooo glad my mom was there to take care of me!

Brent and Collette said...

Congrats on being done for the semester. I hope you have a great holiday season. We're excited to see you guys in about a week!!

Julie J. said...

You have done an awesome job on your first sememster back! I am so proud and excited for you. Enjoy your break while it lasts. One more semester left and then you get to walk the walk!

mom/Janet said...

Wow that semester went fast but maybe that's because I wasn't as involved as you. I'm inspired by you and love your post and how you can see things in a good perspective. It's a wonderful time of the year. I'm glad we'll get to spend some of our time with you and Harold and the kids. See you Sunday

Abbie said...

That was a fun post to read. I kept wanting to know what the 'lesson learned' at the end was. :) I now need to go grade my cheating class' tests. Boo.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for a great day at your house last weekend when I know you were in a very stressful spot with the end of your semester. What you didn't need was overnight company and a request to make sure someone didn't feel left out of "The Nichols Family"--hence your invitation to yet two more people for Sunday dinner, which was absolutely delicious by the way. Your rolls rival any I have had over the years, and I have had plenty. Congrats on the successful semester. I'm sure you did better than you think on the Mao gig.

We all come to that defining moment of "walking the talk", early or late. I faced that when Jeremy fell out of the tree and my life as I knew it came to an end....albeit, it was several years in the unraveling. Your testimony will assist others when they are at a similar juncture in life.

And...without thinking sometimes, I still reach for the phone to tell my mom something. Or, mostly wish I COULD call her to ask advice or how she handled life situations. Most notably for some time, I wanted so much to talk with her about the death of HER son.

I'm getting up there now where I hope the Nichols Kids will want me for hope, for comfort, for reassurance, and for friendship. At least Britty has.

Lastly, thank you for the wonderful birthday present and the fun notice you posted on your blog. Brittney Spears? I nearly wished I had a different b=day.