Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Car Goblins

Is it my imagination or have we had what seems like more than our fair share of car trouble? After spending $730 on the van we found out it needs $530 more to "maybe" get it to pass safety and emissions so we can update the registration. The van now sits idly, once again, in the garage. I think I have finally talked Harold into selling the darn thing. We will probably ask $3000 for it, knowing that if it was up and running we could get $4000-4500 out of it. Hopefully we can get an offer that will allow us to purchase another commuter car for Harold, as he will be driving twice the distance he currently does due to a new UoP building being completed in American Fork. Nothing quite as fun as twice the commute, twice the gas.

As you recall, a few months back, right after purchasing our 2006 Sonata we hit a major hole in the road, damaging the front passenger tire/rim. We got that fixed. Then on Saturday, as Harold was driving, it felt like we ran over something like mesh. I asked Harold what that was and he says, "I think the tire just blew." Um....and within seconds it was confirmed, we could feel that one of the tires was gone, probably the front passenger tire. We pulled over and sure enough, there were some major holes in the sides of the tire.

It was about 100 degrees out and Harold dutifully changed the tire and put the donut on. Lovely. While he was jacking up the car, along comes a guy who asks if we are out of gas. Huh? Can you see the flat tire and the jack here? Apparently that guy had run out of gas and was willing to help us if we were "as stupid as I am." Nope, not that stupid, at least not today.

Then along comes Matt. See, we were all on our way to Amy's for a double b-day party for her kids. Matt offers some moral support, takes the frozen/refrigerated items that needed to get to Amy's ASAP and he took off.

Is there a Car Goblin amongst us? Do other people have these horrible things happen to them as often as they happen to us and I am just the biggest whiner about it?

Got another tire for the Sonata, a used tire that cost $47 instead of $147, but it looks brand new and according to the wear and tear report, it is practically new. Lucky us.

Despite our trials we really are blessed.


hyker said...

It's not just you, believe me. In addition to my civic being's been backed into 3 times...I'm on my 4th windshield...and I've changed flat tires on the side of I-90 about three times...and my niece ran into it with a motorcycle.

Brittany said...

you forgot to add all the times a car has blown-up on harold. yeah, i told wyatt when your van broke down that i think you have pretty bad luck with cars. sorry i said that. but really, aside from wyatt's 2 brothers, i don't know anyone else. good thing you have the right attitude about it!

Anonymous said...

Yes, many times I wish I had a horse.
It seems like everytime we get a tax return something goes wrong with one of our cars. That is probably the blessing...We had the money, but...I have so many other ideas for that money.
We had a Ford Taurus and we put three transmissions in it before a repairman told us we had to change gears after reaching 45 mph. How stupid is that. It's an automatic. I will never buy a Ford again. I love our Toyota Tundra....Sandy

Julie J. said...

My family growing up and Matt and I also have terrible car experiences. Last April, I got two flat tires in one week! Luckily they were both able to be patched and we didn't have to buy new ones.

Holley, Dane Brien & Wesley Berry said...

Oh Jeanna, I have been plagued with car goblins myself. Then finally, our income got to where we could afford car payments on two nicer vehicles that were not so prone to breaking down. Then the kids that we loved oh so much when they were say 0-15 started DRIVING!! Our cars have never been the same... one of them doesn't even exist anymore because it was put into a ditch by a maniac teen driver. So ENJOY the Goblins, they are not nearly as bad as the TEEN DRIVERS you will have in a few years! Cost of my teen drivers this year along $6,000 + higher insurance rates.

Jules said...

That is why we got rid of our van when we did. We knew it would start nickle and diming us. I hope you can get it sold and get something more reliable.

Nelsonranch said...

Heya Jeanna- I am sorry about your car troubles. It is kind of funny how things happen and our minds want to label things so they make sense- so I think that yes, there are car goblins and broken appliance monkeys and other fiends set upon us to torment and test us. I hope you have a respite for a while now.

Cote Corner said...

that live feed thing is weird! it tracks my every move. I feel like I'm being watched!