Thursday, July 17, 2008

Hi Ho, Hi Ho...

It's all true, we are leaving town and headed for Denver early tomorrow morning. Many would ask, "Why oh why would you book a flight that leaves at 6:50 a.m., forcing you to arise at 4:00 a.m.?" I have asked myself this question, but we want to make the most of our trip, spend every minute we can outta town. You understand.

First up:

Yes, the lazy river it is! Brice and Co. have invited us to go to Water World in Denver, and they have 3, count 'em 3, lazy rivers. You remember what I said about lazy rivers right? So anyplace that has 3 of 'em must be considered my new home.

Next up:

Yes, that is a steam engine. And yes, we will arise early on Saturday morning as well so that we can track this baby (or an engine very much like this one) via the internet, then hop in our car once it is close to Henderson, CO, and chase that baby for 20 miles or so. It sounds kinda weird, but trust me, it's fun.


On Sunday we will go to church with Momma G and probably enjoy some fine dining while we are in Johnstown, CO.

On Monday, the kids will enjoy some:

Olympic Games at Momma G's house. The kids have been talking about this all summer.

And on Tuesday, we get back home. :( Where hopefully we will not encounter this:

and hopefully this:

Bon Voyage!


Julie J. said...

Rest assured that litter box will be full - reason #1 to stop feeding that thing.

Brittany said...

i'm not sure what's worse - coming home to a full liter box or a dead cat (see above).

have fun in denver. i will admit that i did have a ping of jealousy when i read that you are going to water world. i miss water world! hopefully you'll have better luck than me and end up with good weather. i swear that it was cloudy, cold and rainy every time i went when i was a kid. regardless of the nice weather we encountered the day prior and after.

have fun!

hyker said...

I haven't been to Denver in ages. I miss road tripping to Colorado with H when we were at BYU. Good times! Have a fun and safe trip.

Collette said...

Have fun. A trip sounds like fun. Flying sounds even better. I like to fly. Doesn't matter where I'm going.

hyker said...

Oh and tell Momma G 'hi' for well as the rest of H's family.

Anonymous said...

Well, I hope the Sunday/Monday part of the weekend brought the vacation up a notch or two for all of you. As for me, I truly enjoyed having the company, the Olympics went pretty well (at least I thought it did) in spite of the fact it was sooooo very very hot. The kids were all smart enough to wear sunscreen, but I guess I am too old to get the big picture of close to 100 degree days on end with no sizeable measure of moisture since the first week in June. And--no afternoon cloud cover like we used to get to ease the hottest part of the day. The back of my neck is burnt and gritty and the tops of my feet--tender skin exposed in my sandals--are still stinging.

After we got home last night from our trip to the Golden Cemetery where we finished our Olympic day, the power had gone out. Wasn't restored until 9 AM this morning. Even though we have sweated out the summer with no A/C on until Sunday morning (we turned it on then so it wouldn't be so hot for our guests), being plunged back into stifling heat all night long was a tough one after almost 48 hours of relative cool. Oh, well.

Hello to Jeff Hyer, too. Come and see us sometime!

Thanks again for a good visit!
Momma G