Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Summer Guilt Trip

I have been worried about my lack of blogging. Life has been trying for me lately and because I haven't felt tip-top I let my blogging lag. Then today I am perusing my favorite blogs, wondering why so many are lacking in new posts, when I notice that Erin mentioned in her blog that my blog was among her favorites to read. I was already in the car, with the keys in the ignition, but that little revelation actually got my guilt trip really going.

Like I said, I have noticed a blogging lag from others too, so I haven't felt as bad about me not joining in the foray. Maybe its summer and we are all hot and tired? I have been doing a lot of thinking about summer time and how there is just TOO much of it. I like the vacation part of it, the seeing family and friends, having BBQs and get togethers. But those events happen just as often in other parts of the year.

Also, I have hay fever so it isn't like I am an outdoorsy person. In fact, on our recent trip to Wyoming I told Harold I thought I was allergic to WY. Then as we drove back into Utah I started sneezing and having that icky, needing-a-bottle-brush-feeling in my throat and realized I am allergic to Utah as well. I am allergic to my yard, my park, and my parents yard. I enjoy the indoors. The air conditioning, the fans, and the fact that somehow the air in there is filtered and I do not sneeze as much or require a bottle brush.

I have realized that the combination of heat, hay fever, and the fact that my kids have too much time on their hands have made me a bit of a summer hater. This makes me a bit sad because the thing I really love to do in the summer I cannot do any other time for the most part. I love the public pool. I know, that is shocking. I weigh too much, I look lousy in a bathing suit, and I even got crypto last year for 2 weeks. But I still love the public pool....if I don't think about the germs (don't get me started). Assuming chlorine is killing everything nasty (and that is a big assumption) I love the cold water on my skin, the slides, the fun kiddy play places in the water. I would go to the pool every day if I had the money. I must need the sunshine, the vitamin D from the rays, because I FEEL really good when I go to the pool (after I take a major self esteem hit when pregnant mothers look better in two piece swimsuits than I will ever look in a one piecer).

Our new city pool opened last week. They crammed the whole thing into one tiny space, but I feel like they really used the space well. There are 2 slides, a sweet lazy river (the lazy river speaks to my spirit), and a fun play place for the kids with a huge bucket on top that dumps hundreds of gallons of water, but only after a nice ringing sound to warn the crowd. I haven't tried the slides yet because I need a smaller crowd before I get brave enough to do it, and that might not happen until next season and I'm okay with that. I mostly enjoy the lazy river. My heaven is going to have the sweetest, nicest lazy river in it. I will look amazing in a swim suit and I will float along to take my mind off all my responsibilities. The cool water will drift over my skin and the sun's rays will embolden my soul.

Our next trip will be to Denver in a couple of weeks where we will join Brice and family in watching/following the cool steam train that goes from Denver to Cheyenne. We loved it last year and the kids, H and I are really looking forward to it again. We had to use our Delta vouchers, which is a bit of a bummer because I really wanted to use those for some place exotic, and despite the fact that we have family in Denver, I would in no way call it an exotic locale. That's okay, we get to fly with the kids and that will be fun for us all.

I'm just arriving back from my guilt trip, all the better for having gone, and feeling way less guilty. Thanks for the gasoline Erin, as I had everything else I needed for the trip!


Erin. said...

Ahhh....just what I needed....and I've been waiting for!!! Someone to also openly admit that they, too, are not all that keen on summer!! I say this because my kids each have a friend over...so not just 4 kids at home, but my four and the neighborhood....how many weeks until school starts? You're awsome Jeanna, and trust me, I've been looking EVERY day and waiting for a great post to lift my spirits! Us summer-haters need to stick together!

mom/Janet said...

I say, horrah for you and loving the pools. I would barely go in our backyard pool if there were people outside of our family. You post actually sounds fun to me. Now about the allergies. I have them big time. I even break out in hives if I touch certain plants. Last year was TERRIBLE, probably the worst ever. I was at a woman's clinic for other things and she asked if I'd like a few prescriptions because I looked miserable. Heck ya!!! So she precribed Flonaise and Singulair I'm telling you, it cleared me up and I've used Flonaise every morning since and haven't had a bit of allergy so far this year. Check it out if you don't have any other medicine you take. In the mean time - - keep on blogging

hyker said...

I'm sorry you're a bit of a summer hater...maybe Washington summers would be better?!?! I still love summer..but then again I don't have allergies or kids. Thanks for blogging....you were missed.

Holley, Dane Brien & Wesley Berry said...

I hereby call a meeting of the "She-Woman Summer Haters Club" which will convene on the lazy river at 4pm this afternoon! Bring your sunscreen, giant t-shirt that doubles as a swim suit cover-up (mine is hot pink with white hibiscus flowers on it), a sports bottle filled with ice cold lemonade and some really chic Hollywood glamour sunglasses. Big floppy hat is optional.We will discuss how to help our children disappear not be bored and the exotic locale of our next meeting.

Hone Family as in Ryan and Ashley said...

Hey Jeanna! The music on my blog was Ingrid Michaelson. I love her! The new job is incredible! You should really think about switching. It's nice to have a boss that calls or IMs everyday to see how things are going.

p.s. Love the blog, but where are the pics?