Monday, October 27, 2008

The Aftermath

My report on Harold's 39th birthday is as follows:

He woke up, went to a church meeting and came home to find me sick as a dog in the bathroom. I had to play the piano for the primary program. I thought I was sick because I had eaten too much on Saturday night, but after the program I was miraculously better, so the real stomach bug was my nerves. Harold was ultra supportive and gave me lots of reassurance. It didn't help, but he was kind enough to give it.

After church we came home and I proceeded to make his requested meal. Simple really: Hamburgers and potato salad. He also requested white cake, white frosting w/ coconut.

I had forgotten to buy a cake mix, and that was okay with me because I wanted to have a cake that would hold up a little better under the frosting and so I made a homemade white cake. The batter was beautiful and fluffy and I had high hopes. I also made the frosting from a recipe that a local wedding cake designer gave me.

The cake report: Icky. I didn't like any of it. Poor Harold. He said it was "okay." Which in translation meant, It could have been better. And that is the truth, I am not just being hard on myself. After the cake last night I decided cake isn't my favorite dessert any more. I prefer a fancy dessert from a good bakery, like a fruit tart.

The presents: Sav burned H. a CD from the musical Wicked. She got the idea by herself, and despite the fact that the CD is illegal, she was being thoughtful and sweet and H. loved the gift. Mackson got H. a magazine called Airways, about airplanes. He loves it. I got him a 6-month subscription to the same magazine. And H. got a sweet little picture from his mother of H. when he was 8 years old and played Tommy in the play Aurelia. The picture is with the playwright and H. is looking young and sweet. He brought the pic into work to display on his desk. H. also got a birthday check from his in-laws.

I think his birthday went well. Oh, I forgot to say that I used 93/7 hamburger for his meal and there wasn't nearly enough fat to make a tasty burger. Bummer.

This is my truthful account. I hope Harold had a good day because he deserves the very best from me and his children. He is a wonderful husband, and excellent father, and a most amazing man. I love you Harold!!! Happy Birthday plus one.


Abbie said...

Happy Birthday Harold. Sounds like a fun day. I wish we could all be kids again on our birthday and have it be all the sparkle and glitter it was then, but it sounds like Jeanna helped create a good one for you!!

hyker said...

It sounds like it was an.....interesting day! But I'm sure everything turned out fine. Happy B-Day Harold. And I'm looking forward to the 40th B-Day Bash next year! That's right, you've got a whole year to plan! I'm already committing to attending, which is saying something!

Holley, Dane Brien & Wesley Berry said...

Happy Birthday Harold!

mom/Janet said...

Happy belated birthday, Harold. I'm a little behind but I did remember you on Sunday.

Cote Corner said...

I can't believe we are such losers and didn't call Harold on his b-day! Well, better late than never.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY HAROLD!!! :) Hope you and Jeanna have a great get away!