Tuesday, October 21, 2008

(Birthday) Suggestion Box

As many of you know, October is my favorite month of the year. The weather is great, the pumpkins (I've already gone into that), the colors (I believe I dedicated an entire post to the color red) and I do love orange, and it's Harold's and my birthday month.

Harold's birthday is this Sunday. He is turning 39, can you believe how old he is? Wait, I'm turning 39, too! Crud.

Here is my problem: Money is tight. We like to do a "get away" around this time of year and we were researching different places and different deals and came up with the best deal we could find, Chez Johnson. That's right, my parents are going out of town on October 31 and will be gone until November 2. Perfect timing!

Chez Johnson has 3 qualities that we like in a getaway:
1. Nice size TV.
2. Nice tub.
3. It isn't OUR house.

Of course the best quality is #4: It doesn't cost us a dime!

The getaway is the big plan for the birthdays, however, I feel that the kids should be involved in the celebration so I like to have a little cake and a couple of small gifts.

I turn to Harold and tell him about my plan and he agrees. Then I ask him what smallish gifts he would like. His response: Nothing. Come on, there has to be something that you would want, that you wouldn't necessarily buy for yourself. Harold: Nope, nothing. Really? Because I like getting lotion this time of year to gear up for the dry weather, or a great pair of slippers for around the house during the winter months. There has to be something. Harold: Nope, nothing.

ARGH! A little help would be nice, a little hint.

Are all men like this? Do they REALLY not care about gifts like women do? This is a hard concept for me because I adore gifts. I don't need pricey, large, out of control gifts. I like thoughtful gifts, a remembrance really.

One of the best gifts Harold gave me was a small frame with 3 small old-fashioned looking keys inside. With the gift came a letter about how I as his wife and the mother of his children hold the keys to all their hearts. Now that gift was thoughtful and beautiful and cost very little money. It was the time and consideration that made the gift so beautiful.

I need help here. I might have an idea for a gift after all, but all gift suggestions will be given equal consideration.


Cote Corner said...

Boys! All year justin is telling me about the things the he would like to get for his birthday or for Christmas, but then when they finally roll around he can't remember any of them and he says he doesn't want anything. It's so funny that they say that because everyone knows when someone says they want nothing, they really want something. He just doesn't know what, so now you have to come up with the ideas! So, a coupon book is something I do a lot when I don't have any money. You can put coupons in for his favorite meal, a back rub, pizza and a movie.. whatever it is that Harold would like. It's free, and every time he uses a coupon he remembers his b-day! just a thought! good luck!

Holley, Dane Brien & Wesley Berry said...

I like Amy's idea of a coupon book! You could also make him a mix CD with his favorite songs or songs that mean a lot to you both. Dane did this for me for our last anniversary and he made a CD booklet that listed each song and why he had chosen it and how it relates to our relationship. He did both a classical/instrumental CD and a vocal CD. I love them and listen to them during my commute. As an aspiring writer, you could really have some fun with the song descriptions/Dedications.

Collette said...

I have the opposite problem...Brent's wish list is about 7 years long. I am the one that doesn't ever need or want much. Hmmm...I think the other suggestions are great. I don't have any to add...like I said, I have a hard time thinking of anything.

Reed said...

I'm totally like Harold. Nothing is just fine with me. Actually, what I really enjoy most is a nice, home-cooked meal...favorite dinner and favorite dessert. Have the kids write a short, heart-felt letter to him expressing how much they love and appreciate him. Decorate his place at the dinner table as the "guest of honor."

(By the way, I love your random blogs. I check them out every now and then. I know Harold through my brother Jeff H. Harold may remember me.)

mom/Janet said...

Bill never wants anything either. He really just enjoys his favorite dinner and dessert. I have done the coupon books for him before and he actually uses them. Good luck and let us know what you decide to do.

hyker said...

I had no idea that Reed has been randomly checking out your blog. Interesting. As for the gift.....I really have no idea. But I'm sure you will figure something out.