Thursday, October 30, 2008

Halloween 2008

Tomorrow will be a busy day. What with work, the elementary school having parade which I must attend, and other festivities thrown in, tomorrow will be too busy for me to post anything. Here are the pics from our little goblins, our FHE pumpkin carving efforts, and the first day of school. (I know that is a random addition, but I forgot, so here they are!)

This is the boy. Handsome devil!

This is my junior high girl. What a beauty!

Sav has to dress up for a drama production she is in this year called "Scream III"

This is her scary face.

This is the boy who wants to enlist in the Army. I'm pretty sure I'll be discouraging that. But, if he does enlist, I've got my vote for Marines, they have a dang nice uniform.

Ignore the "Old Navy" print. He will have a jacket to wear for the actual event. This is him dressing up for a cub scout activity.

Mackson picked this one, Harold ended up carving it.

Sav decided to do "Wicked" this year. She found a pic online, had Harold blow it up, and designed the carving herself. I'm sorry this pic isn't the best, but you get the idea. We have an artiste on our hands!

When Sav saw this design she said, "Who would want to carve something so boring." Little did she know I had already decided this would be mine. I wanted to carve something, but I just wasn't up for a ton of effort this year, so this is my emoticon pumpkin giving all my readers a Wink!

Happy Halloween!


Brittany said...

wait until you see the pumpkin i carved... i too did the computer talk this year. it must be a theme.

the kids look so great in their costumes (and on the first day of school). did you notice how similar sav and harold looks - in comparison to the picture i posted of harold at 15. they're definitely related!

happy early birthday! i'm sure i'll be calling you too! and have fun on your weekend get-away!

Bridget said...

You all look sooooo great! Good job on the jock-o-lanterns!

Katie said...

cute stuff! I love the pumpkins...I'm pretty sure the whole bunch of you are artistes. I can't believe how big (old) your kids are getting. Its nice to see pics on your blog. :)

Holley, Dane Brien & Wesley Berry said...

Great pumpkins! We're not doing pumpkin carving this year. My boys both have other plans for tonight, so it will be me and hubs handing out candy. We do have an authentic black cat who has a habit of arching his back. He looks exactly like the Halloween cats, so I figured with built in decorations, who needed anything else.

Your kids are incredible! Enjoy all the festivities and have a happy birthday!

mom/Janet said...

Excuse me but isn't today your birthday also? You didn't mention that. Have a great day and it was so fun to see pictures. The pumpkins are awesome.

Collette said...

Just thought I'd say Happy Day here, too. The pumpkins are great. I to you on my blog, I hope you don't mind...sorry if you do! ha ha. just kidding.

Julie J. said...

Sweet Pumpkins! Happy birthday! I hope you all have a fun and festive day.

Minertmoments said...

Jeanna, thanks for all your help with the blog stuff. Are you sick of me and all my mom like questions? Your pics are cute. Savannah looks super scarey. I like the pumpkin with the wolves, that turned out pretty sweet. You are a great sister. Love you, Carrie

Matthew Johnson said...

Holy crap, that wolf pumpkin is awesome!