Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Pleasantly Confused

Since I don't have a great story to tell or a major fault to admit to are a few things I've been thinking about:

I like when a doc calls a patient pleasantly confused. I hope that when I get older and my memory fails me that this is what I become. Who wants a confused jerk for a grandmother anyway?

Ever heard the word myriad? By definition it means "a large indefinite number." I see this word a lot in written form, books I read. But here is how it is used.

I felt I had myriad choices. Um.....don't you mean "an indefinite number OF choices"? Where is the preposition? If you leave it out, what is left? "An indefinite number choices."

People....don't forget your prepositions or nice pleasantly confused me will become mean and irritable!

Here is another I've seen: "This book inspires me no end." Again with the missing preposition. "This book inspires me TO no end." Enough already, enough I say!

How about something a bit deeper. Do you feel that accepting life's circumstances without judgment is a way of bringing peace to your soul? I've been hearing a lot of this lately. Just wondering.

I like horchata. I've been thinking about it now for 23 hours, I might be replacing my lack of soda for AN ENTIRE YEAR with a sugary rice drink from Mexico.

Do you think writing to an uber rich person like Bill Gates and asking for a handout is wrong when you are not living in Africa and fearing for your life every day? (Ok, just writing that out seems super shallow.) The handout would be spread around, it isn't just for me. (Ok, I don't think that makes me less shallow.)

I need more time for cooking/baking.

I need some time for sewing.

I need to stop feeling ok about 50 pounds lost and start feeling disgusted that I still have 75 to go.


mom/Janet said...

Thanks Collette for giving the push that Jeanna needed. I've been checking every day too. And, Jeanna, you should be glad you don't have more time for cooking and baking. That's a good thing. Now lets both Collette for not blogging more often in 10 days or so. Oh my, her life is going to turn upside down real soon.

Collette said...

For me?! Oh, you shouldn't have!

Thanks though. It made my day complete. :)

Holley, Dane Brien & Wesley Berry said...

I know what you mean about dropped prepositions. Don't move to the south. The grammar alone will drive you into a major depressive funk that you may never recover from. However a visit to prove to you that your southern transplant cousin is not exaggerating is definitely in order.

I've never had horchata. I'll have to try it sometime when I allow myself to have sugar again.

Oh and if you do break down and decide to hit up the lovely and charming Mr. Gates (that last part was just in case he reads your blog) hit him up for me too. After all shallowness and tackiness love company.

I hear you about the need for more time to roost at home and do those nurturing, homemaking type things. I am on a mission to figure out a good sugar free recipe for pumpkin bread.

Don't diminish your success at losing the 50 pounds. However I do understand about the lack of motivation once you get to a semi-comfortable place. I guess you have some decisions to make. Weigh less, weigh more, weigh the same. Love you! :-)

Matt, Marilyn, and gang said...

Jeanna, don't get discouraged because you still have 75 pounds to go think how awesome it is that you're 50 pounds closer to your goal! That's a huge accomplishment and you need to give yourself a ginormous pat on the back (if dropped prepositions bother you how about made up words?). Just think, if you hadn't lost 50 pounds already you'd still have 125 to go.

Brittany said...

i like your random thoughts. i have a few grammar pet peeves myself that i just might have to post on my blog...

i agree with the above comment, it's not how far you have to's how far you've come. 50 pounds is quite remarkable!

i always seem to find time for baking, i just need more time for cooking. it's not a good thing to have so many treats around our house.

i've been wanting to sew for a few years now but alas, still no sewing machine. maybe this christmas?

i too love horchata. yum, yum.