Monday, October 12, 2009

Fall Table Top Quilts

I have had these table topper quilts in the works for YEARS. When my old ward started a table topper quilt night, I was in. But, when I saw these Halloween babies, I was all over it! I love Halloween, as you know. I love pumpkins and I love Fall.

Here is the larger specimen with the fun pumpkin faces:

Here is a closer view:

Corner shot:

I love this shot. This shows off the fun fabric I chose for the back and the stripey fun binding fabric. Also if you look close you can see the quilt pattern, the fun leaves (click on the pic for a better view):

This was the first one I started on, more of a fall pattern, not necessarily Halloween:

This is the full view:

And this one shows the fun fabric on the back and the stripey (love the stripes) border print. On this shot you can also see the pumpkin pattern quilting. Don't forget to click for a great quilt view:

Isn't it spooky how I actually got these done? Go ahead, admire me.


mom/Janet said...

Admire you isn't even the word I would have chosen. I'm beyond impressed. I never knew. I always wished I had it in me make stuff like that. could we spend a week together working on one?

Good job

Julie J. said...

Wow! Those are awesome.

Hone Family as in Ryan and Ashley said...

I totally admire you. Those are gorgeous! You always have the funnest quilts.

Holley, Dane Brien & Wesley Berry said...

Those are gorgeous! I'm very impressed. Did you do the scroll pumpkin finish work on your own machine?

Becky said...

Those are STINKIN' cute! Great job! I love the cute pumpkin faces!