Wednesday, October 7, 2009

While The Sun Shines

Do you ever wonder why when we look at someone else's life that is so hard, we seem to appreciate our life much more? Why is that? Why does it take a tragedy to bring us to our senses?

And how does the person whose life is so difficult feel about me, whose life is not that hard? Does that person get irritated that I have finally seen the light? Does that person feel glad in their heart that their tragedy has brought others clarity?

I read the Nie Nie Dialogues and I get inspired every single day by Stephanie. I don't know her other than through her blog. She will be on Oprah today. She was beautiful before the plane crash, not just her physical beauty which is very, very apparent, but her spirit was beautiful. She shined from the inside. And now, since the crash, her light shines just as bright. I am humbled by her.

Life is too short to complain and to wish our circumstances were different, don't you think?


Katie said...

Dang. i wish i had cable. I would love to watch that? I agree with all your insights. well said.

Holley, Dane Brien & Wesley Berry said...

I read her blog too. I agree Nie Nie is a very special person.

What you said about looking at someone else's life who has endured so much more hardship than you really puts things into perspective. She is a blessing and I'm glad that she is chronicling her story.

Makes my sad "LITTLE" life seem rather blah and it makes me realize that I truly have nothing to complain about.

Jules said...

It's funny that you posted this thought today. I have actually been feeling a little depressed about Cailtyn's lack of sleeping, and it has made me have thoughts about what life would be like if I hadn't had her. Don't get me wrong I love her and enjoy her, but because I am so tired and can't get much accomplished I get feeling blue. Today was that kind of day, and I started thinking about you and Julie and how much you would love to be in my position right now, with a small baby to care for. It just made me think I need to be more grateful for my situation and remember that this time goes so quickly and I should enjoy it more.

I don't read Nie Nie, but I kind of know about her. I think it's all right to appreciate life when you see what others are faced with. Sometimes the trials can be equal and you can still appreciate your own, just because it's sometimes easier to endure our own than think about enduring others.

I hope it's ok what I said. I didn't mean to pour salt in any wounds, I just relate to what you said today.

Julie J. said...

Amen Sista! I Love NieNie and feel to share my thoughts about her being on Oprah. So if you haven't had the chance to watch it yet, stop reading now. First of all I was really bugged that Oprah had the nerve to compare her to Whitney Houston...Ok, maybe it wasn't a comparison, but still, it bugged. Whitney's "troubles" were all self inflicted by the trashy life style she chose to lead. Call me insensitive. Second, I thought Stephanie looked BEAUTIFUL!!! Third,the segment with the woman who shaddowed her for the day was all about what you posted about. That lady was taking her life for granted and didn't appreciate the great life and privelige she has to be with her kids. And I KNOW the "vibe" she felt in NieNie's house was her feeling the spirit. And the fascination with Christian, I am sure must have been her first experience with a priesthood holder, who loves and values his wife and family more than just about anything. My only other beef is that the whole show wasn't about them... I LOVE HER!

jillicious said...

I just started reading her blog this week, although I'd heard of it awhile ago. I'm so bummed that I missed the show yesterday--so lame that I can't find it online anywhere. :(

P.S. Loved your bread list on my blog. :)

Becky said...

TOTALLY! I haven't seen NieNie on Oprah yet. My friend recorded it for me but I have to wait until I'm able to watch it at her house since I don't have a VCR. I'll see it sometime next week. I can't wait! I love her! I love how creative she is and how she uses her creativity to bless her husband and children's lives....and SO MANY OTHERS! I wish I could be her personal friend.

Tiffany said...

Thank you for posting this and "introducing" me Stephanie and the NieNie Dialogues - what a truly amazing person. Her's is now the first blog I read every day... your's is totally second, of course! ;D