Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I'm Not a Witch, I'm Your Wife!

Yes, Halloween approacheth. I'm dressing up this year. Believe it or not. I may be only sporting a witches hat, but I might have more to my costume. You'll have to trick-or-treat in our zip code to find out (or I might post pictures, ok, who am I fooling, of course I'll post pictures). But, if you DO come here, I'll make sure I give you some of my chocolate. We bought two 150 piece ALL CHOCOLATE bags of candy at Costco. I'm tired of skimping every year. Buying a few bags of yummy and throwing in dollar store candy to make our stash look bigger. Then I spend all night trying to figure out if I know the cute trick-or-treaters, because if I KNOW them, I give them chocolate. If I don't know them, they get dollar store pixie stix. But hey, maybe those little unknown treaters like pixie stix....what kid doesn't? So, maybe I should just get all kinds of candy and let the kids choose. Wait, I can't do that either because if I put the bowl (I typed bowel there first, medical transcriptionist fingers sometimes go to autopilot) out at the kids, they inevitably grab a whole chubby fistful of goodies, and at that point they don't CARE if it's chocolate or what!

I'm still a tad worried that 300 pieces isn't enough. I just cannot stand the thought of running out. There are those of you out there who buy just enough and then basically say, first come-first serve! and then let the drifters come upon your darkened house and be ever-so-disappointed.

Not me, Halloween is all about one big, fat party....full of candy ALL NIGHT LONG at EVERY SINGLE HOUSE! I refuse to party poop on the best day of the year!

***It should also be noted, I have NOT opened either bag of candy. Only 11 days to go...


Collette said...

I wish we were in your neighborhood! Bridger would be so happy with your costume choice. In his world that is the only acceptable costume for a girl.
I'm impressed with your will power. We bought a bag about a month ago and it is almost gone! We opened it because it got melted in the car and what kid wants melted looking candy on Halloween? None. So we took care of it!

Holley, Dane Brien & Wesley Berry said...

Yummy! We don't have trick or treating in our neighborhoods because there are no sidewalks in NC. So most of the area churches do Trunk or Treat, my ward is no exception. I love it. I too struggle with wanting to give the PREMIUM candy and my pocketbook. However, I can't buy it early not because I would eat it. NO Thing 1 and Thing 2 would devour it. Even when I hide it, they KNOW. So I will be hitting up Walmart the night of and probably doing a mixture of cheap and GOOD candy.

Julie J. said...

Hey! It's your birthday, those kids should be giving YOU candy!

Jana Brookes said...

Yes, you are supposed to be the one getting the candy! I love that your b-day is on Halloween! My cousin's is too! Great day! I love your philosophy on Halloween and the candy! It's great, and I totally agree! I'm sure we'll be seeing you then!
(we have had 4 bags opened and partially eaten, I blame the BOO ghost that comes around the neighborhood. we buy a big variety, and then think we have to eat the leftovers. i haven't had any today though!)

Jules said...

We don't get very many trick or treaters because of the hill and the trek to each house. I usually buy big stuff for the ones that make the trek. I've been known to give full size candy bars and hostess snack cakes. I have also done airheads and the kids love that. I haven't gotten any candy yet, so I don't know what I'm doing.

I hope you enjoy your halloween and your birthday.