Monday, August 9, 2010

Cheater, Cheater

I cheated on my fling. Instead of ice cream in a bowl (did you know that every time I write bowl in my posts, that I first spell it as bowel? This is due to my occupation, but I find it funny), I've had shakes instead.

We were on the road this weekend. We took a trip to Nowheresville, USA (AKA, Rawlins, Wyoming {I apologize to my MIL as that is where she is from, but I think she might agree with me}) to meet up with Harold's brothers and their families and watch trains. Yes, we drove 4 hours each way to watch trains, people! Ok, we really went to see the fam. The trains were a nice addition (per the train aficionados).

Anywayz....In Evanston, WY we stopped in both directions to switch drivers (AKA get a shake at Arby's). I totally adore the vanilla shakes from Arby's. The flavor is Dee-Vine. I had to run into the ladies room while H. went through the drive-thru and he ordered me a large both times. UH, I ordered a LARGE vanilla shake! Wow.

So, I cheated on my one true love. It's like I traded up for the newer, younger, more hip model. I feel guilty.

And my scale didn't like it either. Could it be because the shake takes like a whole freakin' gallon o' ice cream to make one large shake?

Never again my love, never again.

In retrospect, I shouldn't diss on Rawlins like that. Our Holiday Inn Express was SAH-WEET. So pretty! So clean and new! And the manager (girl) at the desk has lived in Rawlins her whole life and was EXTREMELY helpful. And, she let us have a late checkout for free. Just because I asked all sweet and stuff.

Oh, and my kids and their cousins made a video whilst dancing through all three floors of the HIE. And we weren't kicked out. Bonus.

(P.S. I feel I must insert this, before I get into trouble. Wyoming isn't a bad place, it just feels kinda desolate to me. I live in a wrinky dink town in Utah and I love it, despite that many others think it's a major hole in the wall kinda town. And, I really love to go by H.'s grandparents house every time we visit. Whoever owns it now still keeps it looking fresh and clean, just like I imagine it was back when the Huggins lived there. I like to imagine little H. going through the back door, letting it slam behind him, and Grandpa H. saying "don't let the door slam!! So, even though I poke a bit o' fun at Rawlins, I appreciate what it brought to me. My H. Whom I adore. And I truly look forward to meeting Grandma and Grandpa Huggins one day and hopefully they won' t think I'm too big of a brat.)


mom/Janet said...

I want to go back there so bad. Remember that's where I was born too and lived the first 12 years of my life. Grandma and Grandpa's house, our house, my old schools and the cememtery. Did you go to the cememtery? I wish we could go together. Take me next time.

Collette said...

Ummm...the only problem I have with this post is that you were in Evanston TWICE! I know we haven't seen each other in a while but...that is where we live! We would go to Arby's for a shake. Don't you worry, I won't even make you come to my house:) Just kidding.
I thought of the Huggins' every time we would drive through Rawlins heading back to Douglas. Nice little town but I really do wonder how people live there.
We've stayed at the HIE too! We were stuck because of closed roads and were so glad to find that little gem.
Still trying to figure out the phone call. It sounds like a familiar number but I can't place it.

Katie said...

Ummm yeah so you will find Rawlins, Wyoming on my birth certificate!! My mom has many lengthy stories about that place. Let's just say her baby girl came out dad said he was way worried. I could go on but feel sort of awkward sharing on a blog...especially yours that is so well visited. :) Anyhoo i feel a connection now to H. HA. Gotta try that vanilla shake BtW.

Brittany said...

i like rawlins. i'm sure it has everything to do with the fond memories i have being there with family. and i too look forward to the day of meeting grandpa and grandma huggins... again. i don't think they'll think you're a brat. i think they'll like you.