Monday, April 7, 2014

Monday Mourning-Spring Break

I watched conference, all sessions. I would like to share that during the final session I started to really lose all ability to concentrate. I really enjoy conference, usually I find the measure of peace I seek, but I do have a hard time listening the entire time. I feel like I'm the only adult on the planet with this problem. Other adults seem to really have this one in the bag, they watch, take notes, make yummy food, take cute pictures, tweet and instagram and come out fully uplifted and elevated. 

I should take my own advice and stop worrying about what other people are doing or thinking. My conference experience is mine alone and it really doesn't matter what anyone else does. 

Remember my last post? Remember how I said I think about this (Sav) all the time? Yep, it's still true. I go to bed thinking about it, I wake up thinking about it. I make myself sick as I'm driving thinking about it. I put on music to distract myself, I stream scriptures, I read books. And still I perseverate. 

The one thing my mind is really hyper focused on is that she has one friend. The boy. He's great, he really is. But when the time comes that he's done, and we all know that time will come eventually, then what? She has been so hurt she doesn't trust anymore. She isn't even excited to start college in the fall, it gives her such anxiety I can see her physical self deflate as she thinks about it. 

We are talking to her about this quite often, I just don't know if it's helping her. Any thoughts? I'd love to hear what my three readers have to say. :)

And today my family is all home for spring break while I labor at work. Phooey! I'm so jealous. 


Collette said...

I can not focus for all sessions. Sitting and watching TV that long makes me antsy. I recorded it and am watching one talk a day and taking notes. Maybe I'll make good food every day for the next month...spread out the fun!

I really don't know what to tell you about Savannah. I feel that way with my in-laws right now. It's hard to feel alone and betrayed. Things will get better. She will meet new people and someone will click and become a good friend that she can absolutely trust. Maybe someone who has been through the same type of ordeal.
Good luck!

Julie J. said...

I pretty much passed out Sat. Afternoon session... It happens... I did not enjoy highschool, mostly because of the People my age. Luckily I had great sisters who shared their friends with me. But I truly wish I had realized then how very little those high school people would be involved in the rest of my life. At this point, not at all. And it happened so quickly. But, how to put it into perspective while in the thick of it is tricky. We LOVE Sav, we think she is awesome, and beautiful, and kind, and loving, and super fun to be around. We love her sense of humor and her musical talents. And those high school people are totally missing out! What fools!