Wednesday, August 8, 2007

I am definitely needing to get my rear in gear with regards to this blog. Here is my WW update. I switched to Core one week ago and have weigh in tonight. I know I have lost what I gained (about 2 pounds) so I am happy about that. I am also happy about the fact that I don't have to count everything I put into my mouth. Sure, Core foods are limited but I get milk and avocados as well as one serving of a whole grain cold cereal. Yum. I am really enjoying this. I am sure laying off the carbs is going to be great for my diet. I still eat them and I use my exercise points for them, but 4 points of carbs is better than over half my daily allotment on the Flex plan.

On a different personal note. I am going back to school. I was seriously considering nursing and still might do that, but I have decided my #1 priority is to finish my bachelor's degree in English. This will not guarantee me a great job, or any job at all, but maybe I could find something different than what I do now (transcription). I know I sound like a lame complainer but I am tired of working in my basement and need to get out of the house. Plus, I am looking for a "satisfying career." Something that makes me feel good at the end of the day. That is why I was considering nursing: The pay and the feel-good feeling you get from helping other people. So, as I finish up the last 1.5 semesters of credits, I will take a couple of prerequisite classes that will allow me to take nursing prerequisites and see if nursing is still something I am interested in once I am done with my bachelor's degree.

I wouldn't work at all but I have come to accept the fact that I will NEED to work for a while and I may as well pursue something that I like and enjoy.

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