Wednesday, June 4, 2008

More Checks On My Checklist

Yesterday I had pretty much done nothing all day. Well, nothing productive anyway, other than buy myself a much-needed bedside lamp. One of my big complaints at night is that Harold insists on NO overhead lighting, ambient light only. And he is the only one in our room with a bedside lamp, so when Harold is done for the night, so am I, like it or not. The other night I was sitting in bed reading, overhead light on, enjoying myself, when suddenly ~SNAP~ lights out. ARGH! So I bought a little $9 lamp for myself. I haven't used it yet, but as I look across the room at my lovely little lamp, I smile.

So, since my to do list hadn't had any attention from me yesterday I decided to tackle a couple of smaller projects that kind of coincide. I cleaned out the trash cupboard/pantry thingy and the laundry room. The home study will require us locking up all cleaning products so I needed to get those organized and in their right places so we could get a lock installed and VOILA all done. I ended up throwing more stuff away and our garbage bin outside is mega full. Harold asked what we were going to do about that and I assured him that on Thursday night, when all was dark and quiet, that we would venture out to have a look-see in all the neighbors bins and we will fill them up with our stuff. Why not?

I threw away a bunch of little clothes that had accumulated in the laundry room but I hung onto two items. One was a little khaki green colored plaid shirt that Macky wore when he was 2 or 3. Another item was a small blue cordoroy vest that he used to wear as well. So cute, I got all teary eyed as I remembered how adorable he used to be when he was so small. I just could not throw them away. I will keep them forever if I must.

Another two checks on my to-do list. Yippee. I wonder what Harold thinks of my projects. He always seems to notice that I have worked hard to get these projects done, but he doesn't say much about my master list that I have posted on the refrigerator. Although he was VERY agreeable to being the one to clean out the garage. Thank goodness for that, spiders are not my friends and I have no desire to have a run-in with a black widow. Go Harold Go!


Brittany said...

sorry that i haven't vocalized my thoughts. i've had many but have been so busy this week that i haven't had time to write anything.

i love lists! i think they're good reminders when trying to reach a goal. not to mention that they help me stay on track and organized. and they help me achieve a sense of accomplishment for doing a job well done.

congrats on finishing your two little projects. big or small it's always a good feeling to be done!

wyatt doesn't like the lights on when he's trying to sleep. so if i want to read (even with my own bed lamp) he lets me know that he is unhappy with the idea. but if he wants to read... well, the truth is - i don't care about the lights. i can fall asleep just as easily.

hyker said...

When I lived in Seattle I used to dump trash in other peoples' garbage cans under the cover of darkness all the time. What are you gonna do? When it's full, it's full!

Anonymous said...

My experience with men cleaning out the garage is that nothing gets cleaned out. It just gets rearranged and they deffinately never get rid of their stuff no matter how long it has been since they used it...Sandy

Julie J. said...

I too have a mile long to do list... but no motivation. It seems that my house was the last thing on the list of priorities all through the busy school year and now it needs some major help. Mostly with the piles of dust that have acumulated EVERY WHERE!
But for some reason, this week, I can't bring myself to do anything I don't want to do.

Collette said...

Way to go on getting through your list.I love cleaning out areas that I can really throw stuff out and de-junk. Such a good feeling!