Monday, June 23, 2008

Ode To Public Transportation

On Thursday of last week
my children and I rode the bus,
From Payson to Provo.
Number 822 North.

We were the first to board,
followed by a loud lady
who smokes,
and the bus driver herself,
who didn't.

Next we picked up another lady
who announced
she is a former meth addict.
Apparently so is the smoker,
a former meth addict.

The spoke loudly of their triumph
over the evils of drugs.
I was proud of them.
But my children were scared.

See, we had taken the bus
in order to pick up our vehicle
to get to Highland
to do a little housecleaning for my mom.

The bus driver suggested we de-bus
at the location closest to H's work.
It turned out it was the juvenile court/jail.
And my kids were scared, again.

By the time we reached grandma's house
to clean,
the kids were feeling pretty motivated
to earn money

To fix the van.
Which requires $900
to fix the oil pump,
That doesn't include registration fees.

I appreciated the bus that day.
It helped me to see
That my children need to appreciate
Private transportation

And what it costs
To maintain a vehicle
And that private means
Not being scared.


Abbie said...

Beautiful. I love it. Just a thought, but would it be a consideration to save the $900... and obviously save a bit more and buy a new car? Not new as in off the lot but a different used car? When Scott and I sold our Saab we sold it for $1800 and it was a REALLY nice car... in good condition and everything. Just a thought. Sorry if my idea seems too trivial.

Holley, Dane Brien & Wesley Berry said...

Life lessons can sometimes be scary. I think its great that you took them along and they got to see "life" in action. We've been having our own life issues with Brien having recently totaled our car. He can no longer drive and be on our insurance because it is too expensive. He's feeling the pinch to his independence and social life. I refuse to help him out. He won't drive again until he can buy his own car and pay for his own insurance. I feel kind of harsh doing this, but I want him to learn that real life doesn't come with a safety net.

hyker said...

What a great mom you are to teach your kids such good life parents never took me an public transportation when I was a kid! Yeah, the bus can be kinda scary. Good luck on getting the van fixed.

Jules said...

I love that. I think about ways all the time that I can teach my kids these life lessons. They have it so good and sometimes I wish they were a little more grateful. They are still little, but I want to remember that for the future. You are a great mom and your kids are lucky. It's funny how we now appreciate the life lessons our parents gave us, when back then we just thought they were mean.

Brittany said...

i never really thought that payson/provo would have such sketchy folk on their public transportation system. but then again, i think public transportation just attracts the crazies. not that i'm saying you're crazy, or sav and mack. it is a good place to people watch.

i loved taking the bus to school when i lived in chicago. the metra always had a cleaner crowd - the professionals. but you could always count on some weirdos on the L or bus. regardless, it was convenient for me and my situation. it sounds like your van might be more convenient for you. hope you can get it back into commission soon!