Thursday, February 12, 2009


No, not my books at the library...I took those back a long time ago and now I'm dealing with late fees.

Not that monthly the equipment is missing.

Not the Redbox DVD, although, yes, it is overdue.

Me posting!

Almost a whole week has gone by and nerry a thing to post about other than having a raging sinus infection. This one really knocked the wind outta my sails. I missed 1 day of working out due to the SI, Monday. Other than that, I've been a good girl! Even though my head is spinning and my ears are all stuffed up along with my nose, I still work out. Even though at some point in the workout when I go from lying down (abs) to standing up (strength) I tend to get really dizzy and wonder if I should sit down. But no!!! I carry on and do what needs to be done.

Our little boy became a Webelos last night. Crazy. He also had a birthday on Monday. We took him to Jumpin' Jacks, this little place nearby that is a warehouse filled with blow up toys to slide on. The extended fam came along and if I hadn't been feeling lousy, I would have enjoyed myself. We brought him home and had cake/ice cream and gave him presents, two of which required batteries. We hadn't checked, so yep, poor birthday boy had to wait 24 hours for batteries!

Since its been an entire decade, I'd like to reminisce a little. We were going to name him Christian. We called him Christian for a few hours even. Then we both looked at eachother and were like, NOPE, not gonna do! We love his name now, it is unique and fun and STRONG! It frequently gets misprounced and even more frequently gets misspelled. Mostly like this: Maxon. As in Max-on, max-off. Lame.

It's okay though. I knew what I was signing on for when I gave my kid a name like that. After all, I have to spell MY name EVERY SINGLE TIME I tell it to someone. Even people who've known me for years get it wrong. I try not to be offended, but sometimes I like to razz friends about getting my name wrong.

When we brought Mack home from the hospital our house got filled up really quickly with two sets of neighbors, a sister, an old mission companion and her boyfriend, and his new puppy. I was on stimulation overload. Harold couldn't understand why I told them to get everyone OUTTA there (ok, not my mom or sister). Any post-partum woman understands, right?

I can't believe it's been a decade. But, here is some good news. I weight 32 pounds less now than I did then. Wow, that rocks! Now onto my next BIG goal, weighing what I did when I got preggo with Sav. It's gonna be a while, but I'll definitely be blogging about it when it happens!


mom/Janet said...

Wow, that's alot to celbrate. Weight, birthday, birth, weblos, continuing on even when you feel lousy. (I feel your pain with the SI - - I'm fighting the same thing)
You've come to the right person about name being spelled wrong. Try pronouncing Emalei when you don't know her or spell it even if you do. Only siblings and parents spell it right on a regular basis. But, it's unique and I like it that way. Can you believe Bill and I were that 'hip' 30 years ago?

hyker said...

Cool. I'm so excited about your new healthy lifestyle. That rocks! It's still hard to believe that you guys have kids that are that old. It kind of freaks me out.

Holley, Dane Brien & Wesley Berry said...

Happy Birthday Mac! I love that you are named after Grandpa McGiven. Your mom and I didn't get to have him for very long...but the memories of that quiet unassuming man live in my heart and your mother's heart to this day.

I know he would have been really proud of the young man you are. He would have delighted in your adventurous spirit and your keen intelligence. Congratulations on your advancement to Webelos before long we'll be hearing about your Eagle Court of Honor!

Don't worry about people misspelling your least your name is unique. My named gets misspelled and I get asked if I'm the famous actress Halle Berry all the gets old, I know but what's a person to do.

Jules said...

I was priviledged to witness Mackson's birth, and let me say you were amazing. Anyone reading this should know you did it without an epidural and very little pain medication. He was not a small kid and you were a trooper. I remember coming back to the hospital the next day and seeing his name had been changed on his crib. The name really does suit him, you guys did a great job.

BTW, I thought it was weird the first time I met someone with the Gina spelling. I only knew you and thought your spelling was the way to spell it. It's funny how our perception is due to our own experiences.

Lastly you rock for continuing on in exercise even though you were sick. As soon as this pregnancy started making me feel sick I stopped and I've never really gotten back on the bandwagon in that regard. Of course back then I was walking outside, I really can't wait for better weather to get back out there. You are doing great.