Friday, February 6, 2009

Workout #3

I am not blogging about this to toot my own horn, though I do love to do that. I've been getting sick over the past couple of days. Not a cold, or a flu, or anything like that. My throat started tickling and no cough drop would touch it. Gum was a wee bit helpful. Then this little cough started up. Then last night I pretty much felt like I needed to go to bed around 8 p.m. Then the cough sounded a little more rattly. During the night I woke up with an itchy throat and a funkier cough. Then the alarm rings at 5:50.

Please NO! I waited about 10 minutes and got up to use the "facilities" (I've always hated that term). There I was, vacillating between going back to bed and putting my workout clothes on, when I had a moment of clarity, sort of. I figured that if I really wanted to make a difference today, working out when it was under less than desirable circumstances was going to be the key. I got my clothes on and headed downstairs.

As I was getting the DVD to the right place (for some reason there is all this intro stuff that is stupid to watch after the first time through) Mackson is standing there (he doesn't like to get up before 8 a.m. when it is absolutely necessary to get up to get ready for school). "Are you going to do workout #1?" (There are 3 workouts, each progressively harder). Yes, my sweet son, I will be doing workout #1. Cough, cough, hack, hack. "Are you still sick?" Geesh, I've only been sick a couple of days...but yes, I am still sick. Then he proceeds to get a nice warm blanket and cuddle up on the couch and WATCH!

Towards the beginning of the workout there are pushups. I am really, really bad at pushups. I do the "girlie" kind with my knees on the floor, and even then I struggle with all my might to do them. As I am doing them I'm thinking about my cute little boy, watching me do pushups, and probably wondering what the heck is wrong with his mother. Then comes the situps. Put your fingers behind your ear, let your abs do the work! when my son says, "In level 3 you have to go UP all the way."

Did I mention that last night while H and I were gone to ward temple night my children decided it would be "fun" to do all 3 levels of Gillians 30-day Shred? Yep. When we got home last night Mack had just gotten out of the shower and had his pj's on and Sav was almost done herself. Wow, that was fun!

Wow, that is not exactly the word I would use to describe that workout.

So there I am, on the floor, dying, and my son who is all bundled up, watching, and makes an innocent little comment about workout #3.

Darn it! I am sick! I don't feel well, I am actually doing better today than I did yesterday and definitely better than 2 days ago when I started this dumb DVD. And yet, my best today is nowhere near their casual involvement on any given day. I actually kept going and thought to myself, One of these days I will be thinner, I will be healthier, and I will be able to do workout #3 and not be ashamed to let my children watch. They will be proud and they will have a mother who worked very hard so that she could be around to see the birth of her children's children. I. WILL. BE. A. CUTE. MOM. IF. IT. KILLS. ME.! Hey, that's a little counterproductive, isn't it?


Becky said...

That is so funny that they did all the work outs for fun. And even more hilarious that M. cuddled up in a blanket on the couch to watch you. Just wait until you are breezing through workout three...they will be SO proud of you for working so hard!

Collette said...

Dang kids!

Jules said...

You are a kind mother, I would have kicked his little hiney out of the room immediately. I am extremely proud of you, and when I get this baby out I want to come to your house and shred with you. It just took me a half hour to recover from taking kids to school and walking up and down the stairs.

Brittany said...

i think you're a cute mom now.

mom/Janet said...

I agree with Brittany. I wish we were closer. I'd come over every morning at 6am and workout with you. I really would!!

Holley, Dane Brien & Wesley Berry said...

You are AWESOME!

Trite I know... but very TRUE.

You really are make the little choices on the road that are going to get you that much further down the road.

I really admire what you're doing. inspire me... (Yes I'm laughing and its all very tongue in cheek) but in all seriousness its true!

Cote Corner said...

did you do the work out three days in a row?? I did it once and then waited like five more days to do it again. (and neither time did i get all the way through!) I don't exercise hardly at all, and that's my problem. So something like this dvd really shows me what kind of shape I'm in! I don't think I've worked out that hard since I did cheer leading. (Try outs were really hard because i was using muscles I never had before and for two hours every day!) Jillian sure knows how to kick our butts! :)