Thursday, February 19, 2009

When I said this blog was "daily ramblings" I meant it...

I posted about this on my private weight loss blog, but I need to say something about it here, too.

A friend of mine who had surgery the same day as me has lost 65 pounds. I've lost 32ish. She works about 6x a week, 70 minutes each time. She tracks all her calories.

I'm feeling discouraged. I am full of excuses. I've watched a bit of The Biggest Loser lately and I'm feeling like every excuse I have is just excuse.

How do you prioritize yourself? To some degree I feel like I do pretty well and I make time for exercise....but not 6x a week.....and I HAVE to do 6x a week to be successful.

The Shred is rocking my world. I really love it. I tried a yoga dvd yesterday and I didn't like it at all. The Shred is my friend. I am almost to the point where I feel pretty confident about workout #1 and will probably move on to workout #2 next week. I'm just not sure I can do it 6x a week. I need to find something else to throw in there a couple of days to keep things exciting. That is why I tried the Yoga, but like I said, not for me.

My work schedule is going to change a bit starting next week and going through March or so. The new schedule will allow me to workout every morning and I'm pretty excited about that. I'm also feeling spring in the air....ok, that might be my imagination, but I desperately want to get OUTSIDE to exercise.

I know this post was a bit of a ramble.....but.....

Here is something funny: Occasionally I do urine collections for my BIL's company. I go to job sites and secure the water sources, listen as they pee, and collect a sample for drug testing. It never fails, almost every single time SOMEONE brings up poppy seeds. Come on people! One poppy seed roll isn't going to make a drug screen positive. That is a total myth.

Here is another one: Someone inevitably wants to discuss their prescriptions with me. Look, not my deal. I'm here to collect a specimen, that's it.

Another: I hope you get paid well to do this job, it must really suck to touch people's pee. Hello!! Do you see the gloves on my hand? Also, if you knew what kind of money was in the drug testing business, you would quit your job now and start a drug-testing company. Even the lowly collector gets paid well, so don't you worry about me having a grody job. And this coming from construction workers whose bathrooms are the most disgusting places I have ever seen.


Jules said...

Jeanna, I once saw a tv show where they were discussing weight loss and they said in order to lose and not maintain, you have to exercise about 90 minutes a day, with some of that being weight lifting. I've never had a problem with less if I was really doing everything else well, but as we get older I guess our body needs more. That is not good news to me, especially with small children. I am not someone who can get up at the crack of dawn, and even when I do my kids inevitably wake up way earlier than they normally would. There has to be a solution and I believe you will find it, and then pass your wisdom on to me. I only have about 10 weeks left of this pregnancy and then I am going to have to get serious. You are a rock, keep it up.

Jules said...

BTW, do you remember Dick Stauffer, my Grandma's really good friend. He once failed a drug test because he had eaten a poppy seed muffin. Maybe there was a high concentration of poppy seeds, but we should test it out sometime. I would be willing to be a guinea pig, I have a wonderful poppy seed bread recipe and I could eat some and take the test.

mooney said...

You are doing so well. Try not to get too discouraged. You may not be losing as fast as your friend but, as long as you are still losing weight I would focus on that.
Be proud of what you have accomplished so far because to me you are doing really well.
On a side note: The pee collector job sounds super fun! :) You have to wonder why these people are opening up to you. It seems like those with all the "legitimate" excuses are the most nervous. Hmm....why would that be?

Katie said...

I touch pee with gloves all the time...there's much worse...just believe me on that one.

AND as for the exercising a ton. I haven't been able to do cardio until today and I have lost about 12 lbs by diet and toning stuff 3-4X per week. Gary has lost 22 lbs working out 3x week...he works 3 twelves. We've been at it for 7 weeks now. (I plan on blogging about it soon.) The point is--I don't think you have to kill yourself to shed the pounds. Diet is huge!

And 32 lbs is awesome! Keep it up!

Rachelle said...

I'm going to have to try this "Shred" thing out! You are the bomb-diggaty! I'm sooooo in an exercise slump and feeling the same way but you are doing a much better job than me! As for touching the pee, even with a glove...ewww. But sounds like there could be a new job possibility in their... shrink for those who have to pee-in-a-cup. Ok, I've said "pee" wayyy too many times in this post...better go! LOL!