Monday, January 4, 2016

First Monday of 2016

Did I mention I'm going sugar free for 10 days. Today is day 1. Ha! And it's 10:33 AM and things are GREAT!

I truly am worried about my ability to stick to this; however, I know the benefits will help me enormously so I'm feeling motivated.

My work fridge is stocked with turkey, swiss cheese, carrots, a pear, an orange, natural peanut butter and cream cheese. I wish I would have brought my celery (to go with the cream cheese and peanut butter....oh well, another day).  My home fridge is PACKED with fresh ingredients and I'm excited about that.

I should note that the sugar free thing is not fat free, nor do I count calories.

I've noted to myself that my usual daily diet consists of carbs, sugar and fat.

So this SF plan makes me eat protein, fruits, veg and fat.

I had a smoothie this morning consisting of blackberries, an orange, a banana and 1/2 C of greek yogurt. It was pretty bitter.

I keep wondering if my taste buds will make any real changes in 10 days. I am so used to NOT liking the taste of fruits and veggies because my tongue is so overloaded with sugar, ya know? I'd like to enjoy fruits and veggies again. was hard to come back to work today. Having two weeks off really messes with my head. I stay up late, I do what I want, I cook, I clean, I spend time with kids and hubby. I LOVE IT! And I'm mourning the loss of those two weeks.

I got online this morning and got my reservation for our family to tour the Provo City Center Temple Open House on Jan 16, which happens to be my dad's 69th birthday but he will be out of town that weekend.


Sandy said...

i think going without sweets works best if you go low salt also.

Jeanna said...

Sandy, What makes you say that? I haven't heard that before. Truly, I am not big on salt in general so I'm not sure if that's an issue for me, but honestly I don't pay much attention. I mean, I could be inhaling salt via processed foods. But right now I basically am not eating things with labels so I'm not sure salt is an issue. I'd love to hear your thoughts.