Wednesday, January 6, 2016


I love tacos. Always have. I have tacos every single year for my birthday. Just simple ground beef tacos with a seasoning pack thrown on and corn tortillas fried up. I could eat tacos every day of my life I believe.

I saw an article today about a new "taco cleanse." The article was ridiculous and the cleanse was touted by "taco scientists." I mean...if there is such a job, I want it! Despite the ridiculousness of it, I could relate since I am on a cleanse of sorts....a sugar cleanse.

Day 3 people!

The hardest part isn't going without sugar, the hardest part is the planning. I have to make sure I arise in time to make a breakfast for myself so I'm not grabbing something on the go (my go-to breakfast last year was chocolate milk from the BYU Creamery...and it was oh so good!) But this year I've had smoothies with spinach, frozen fruit and greek yogurt. If I have more time I'll scramble up an egg.

And I have to pack lunches. Usually I eat out....every single day. And it costs a lot of money. So even though my grocery bill last week (the shopping trip wherein I bought a TON of fresh ingredients) was $50 over my usual budget I will save between 30-50 by not eating I don't feel bad the fresh ingredient expense.

I had a headache last night, I'm sure it was some sort of withdrawal from sugar because I don't typically get headaches.

So there you have it. Day three is half way in the books. Tomorrow is my anniversary, 21 years!

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