Monday, January 14, 2008

Homework update

After calling S's teacher the other day to ask about the 25 missing assignments I realized that having S make up the assignments would require some serious work on the teacher's part to gather all the worksheets, etc. that were needed.

I changed my tune and told S that in order to get past this she needed to write 1000 times the words, "I will turn in my school work in 2008." This took her 3 days of fairly constant effort and she finished yesterday in the early evening.

I also informed her that I would be checking online every day and if she got a 0 in anything for not turning it in, she would not be playing until said assignment was accomplished.

I am hoping that this new development will kick her rear into gear, and mine as well.

Today in my Young Adult Lit class my teacher gave me a gift for celebrating my 13th anniversary on the first day of class. He gave me a tub of Almond Roca. What a sweet thing to do! Unfortunately this gift isn't going to jive with my Weight Watchers plans so I gave the tub away to Dane when I saw him on campus.

In other school-related news: I am totally digging all my classes. My two English teachers are really great and I love going to class. My family finance class has been very informative and so far I am getting the math, shocker!

I had to ride the bus home for the first time today. That was interesting! Is it wrong of me to point out that most people riding the bus don't look like business men/women trying to save a buck? I have been on buses before, lots of them, but I was a little nervous this time. I was happy to note that my bus driver had an "11 years accident free" patch on his uniform, so I felt safe with him.


Katie and Gary said...

The last time I rode public transportation was on trax on the way to a BYU vs Utah FB game. Needless to say we ended up having an intoxicated individual come sit near us (even though there were plenty of other seats) who yelled profanities at the Ute fans as he escorted myself and my brother to the game entrance....thanks buddy.

acote2 said...

What will happen next time you take the bus and his 11 yr. patch is gone??? That'll be a little freaky!

Aunt Beth said...


Your riding the bus incident immediately reminded me of an experience my friends had years ago when they visited me in NYC. They went to Broadway shows almost every night. As a result of wanting to save money, they used the subways as much as possible, which meant they'd be riding the subway back to my apartment in Brooklyn very late at night, arriving home around midnight. About the third or fourth night, they came in and with great excitement told me they knew where the Lost Ten Tribes were.... riding the subways of NYC late at night.

Seriously, you got to see a real mix of people types on the NY subways. Starting around 6:00 a.m. on weekdays, the cars would be full of Wall Street types, women and men, in suits, women wearing sneakers and almost everyone with their nose in a book or one of the NY daily papers. The 'true' New York Yuppie would be reading the New York Times and the New York Times only. It was a snob thing.

During the time I lived in Brooklyn, William called me once after watching "60 Minutes." He was sure he'd seen my sneakers on one of their segments that night and wanted to know if I knew whether I had been part of their filming or not. I think I convinced him they weren't mine.

My most memorable ride was one evening riding to Brooklyn around 8:00pm or so. The car was pretty empty so you could see everyone easily. I noticed a man sitting at the other end of the car with his supposedly pet SNAKE wrapped a couple of times around his neck. To my terrified eyes it looked like a python. I changed cars at the next stop!

Those are years never to be forgotten...

Aunt Beth

Holley, Dane Brien & Wesley Berry said...

I really admire how you and Harold are making things work and your willingness to take public transportation. You are fabulous. I just know that this semester is going to be grand. Share your Young Adult Lit reading list, I bet there are some good books on there.

Hang tough with Sav. She will thank you someday!

Brent and Collette said...

I love your homework substitute! I think that would be more torture.
Public transportation is great. I became a fan in Russia. When I went to Utah State I rode the bus to campus after my first semester of climbing the mountain that led to campus! Love it.