Sunday, January 6, 2008

Top 10 Reasons Why I Love 9 o'clock Church and another list of significance

1. Nap after church (despite the fact that I get ultra groggy when I nap and very, very cranky).
2. Hours and hours to enjoy family time.
3. Earlier dinner.
4. Piano playing stress over at noon.
5. Fast Sunday (see #3).
6. We have been on the 1 o'clock schedule for 5+ years and I'm ready for a change.
7. Due to meetings early in the morning, Harold will be ready for church and we will get there on time. (This is a change from when we had 9 o'clock church before when we would NEVER get there on time.)
8. I know this means one less day to 'sleep in' but I never sleep in anyway.
9. Keeps me on a tight schedule, which I seem to function better with.
10. See #1 and how this might apply to my two children.

Tomorrow is our 13th Anniversary. Lucky 13. Since I am making lists I thought I might add the top 13 reasons why being married to Harold is so much fun.

(The pic is dark, but you get the point.)
1. His infectious laugh.
2. Date Night, he takes me out EVERY week.
3. He knows when I am being lazy and still brings me things like slippers, pillows, blankets, etc. when I am lounging on the couch. (sometimes the kids do this for me too, but I can credit Harold for them as well.)
4. Back rubs.
5. He laughs at my jokes.
6. The look he gets when I have said something kinda irreverent and he thinks its funny but doesn't want to laugh because he is afraid to. (FYI to Harold: That look makes me want to keep on being irreverent.)
7. That similar look he gets on his face when I give him a greeting card with a swear word in it.
8. Harold is easy to please.
9. The patience he shows when I have a whole new stack of books from the library.
10. The way he looks in a suit.
11. The way his hair looks after he showers.
12. His choices in movies and music. (We agree on most of these and its nice.)
13. He loves me despite my size, my faults, my hangups, my quirks, my bad habits.

Happy Anniversary Harold, from one lucky lady.


acote2 said...

Wow! 13 years is a long time!! Congrats! Hope you have something fun planned for your anniv.

Julie J. said...

Awww, that was sweet. Harold is also a lucky guy.
We too have 9am church this year. I love it! It makes the weekend feel so much longer.

Anonymous said...

OH for the days of meeting time change in January--like the rest of the world! Since we moved to the sticks--the Greeley Stake--time change comes in September like it did in the dark ages when everything was according to USA schedules. Then we moved into the "Worldwide Church" era--where we still are--and schedules all went on a calendar year, not school year. When I make comments about this in my ward/stake, I am met with real disbelief that I cannot understand this "it's the beginning of school" concept. In turn I cannot believe they can't see they are the ones out of step. Anyway, we are back in the 1PM time zone. For a grown woman with no kids, it is okay. Sometimes. But with the job I have, it is best to have earlier church so I can do my calling and STILL get to my job at a decent time. Unlike tonight when I leave for Orlando at 10 minutes until Midnight.

Second point. Harold has his dad in him. Ross was such an easy man to be married to. One of the hangups I had about getting remarried. I knew it couldn't happen twice in a row. And I was right. Jeanna--don't let that man get away. I am in love with him myself. For different reasons, obviously. Happy 13th. It was a very good year, after I got over being so sick with Britty.

Brittany said...

happy 13!!! you make a great couple! and a fun couple to always be around!

Aunt Beth said...

Boy, that Harold sounds like a peach of a guy. I know William and Janet's children love both of you a lot.

Fun to at last see a picture of you two. Thanks for sharing.

Aunt Beth

mom/Janet said...

Happy 13th Anniversary. Hope you have a special day reflecting on the life you've created together. You two have a good thing going.

Bridget said...

Happy Anniversary!! What a great day! I loved reading your list about Harold...I wonder if Dane will follow suit on #3....
Thanks for dinner last night too! It was way fun. It is always a ton of fun to see you guys. Thanks, and good luck on your last semester of school!

Holley, Dane Brien & Wesley Berry said...

Happy Anniversary. It's hard to believe we are this old and that we've been married for so many years. You and Harold are such wonderful couple. I'm so happy that you found each other. Wishing you both much happiness this week and for many, many, many more years together.