Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Junior High School

Tonight I accompanied my daughter to an orientation at the junior high she will be attending this fall. We walked into the cafeteria where the program was already in progress. The program consisted of the band, orchestra, drama club and choir performing which was an opportunity to show the new students what their options are in regards to elective credits.

Things my daughter is worried about prior to starting junior high:
1. Getting the booster shots required.
2. Not having friends (even though she has several friends who will be attending the same school.)
3. She would prefer to stay in elementary school.

Things I am worried about prior to my eldest daughter starting junior high:
1. Boys.
2. Badly behaved boys.
3. People who will try to influence my daughter in a negative way. See #1 and #2, but also add mean girls to the list.
4. Losing my innocent daughter to the world.
5. Teenagerness.

I am freaked out, I admit it. I am only 7 months away from this horrible event and if I had any sense about me I would start looking into home schooling. The thing is, I would stink as a home school mother, really, really stink. I have a friend whose son comes home and tells her all kinds of horrible things that happen at this school including girls pulling out condoms from their pockets and offering to use said items with this boy. This boy is very, very shy and innocent looking/acting. What? How do girls get this forward and distasteful? I would call her irresponsible but she was offering prophylactics. OH MY!!! This girl is the epitome of that which I am afraid.

Clearly I have some serious talks with my daughter in my very near future. I want her getting her information from me and her father. I want her to know she can talk to me about anything and I want her to have enough self confidence to walk away from evil influences. I will be praying harder than ever. If there is one thing I learned from my parents it is to pray for your children, be specific, and the Lord will reveal things to you.


Juliew8 said...

I too am freaking out. What in the world has happened to the world? I remember telling my mom back in the 80's that I didn't want to have kids because of this evil world. Wow now it's even worse and here I am. I was advised by my father in heaven to have children so I did. I know he will help our children get through this time, prayer is definitely the answer. I too will be praying for you as I will ask the same of you in a few years. Hang in you are an amazing mother.

Kathy said...

Always food for thought at your blog. Don't freak out too much - there is still the nice strata of good kids in the world. It's the same as saying you'd never fly because you've seen plane wrecks on the news. The odd ball stories stand out and get way more attention than they deserve.
From a teacher's perspective, attentive and supportive parents are the best deterrent to kids taking a walk on the wild side. Let them talk to you about everything and anything.
That way the balance stays right.
It'll be a bouncy ride through middle school, then it'll smooth out.
You'll do great! Older kids always look scarier than they really are.

a slightly worn mom and teacher of middle and high schoolers.

Brittany said...

i agree with kathy! the bad seems to over shadow the good. just be supportive - but don't pry or be nosy. i know i had a different experience than the rest of the kids but i think mom handled me great. she gave me plenty of room and a lot of trust - but i knew that she cared and was there for anything i needed. and that made me more willing to share my thoughts and feelings. and prayer...definitely prayer. i think that is the best tool! you'll be fine and so will S - she is a good kid. you've done great so far teaching her good know how modest she is! i think the things she has been taught will stick with her through the toughest times.

Holley, Dane Brien & Wesley Berry said...

Prayer is the answer and always turning to the scriptures for comfort and advice. The other thing is Family Home Evening. It really is a scary thing to have your "babies" go out into the world, where there is so much temptation. But remember that we are promised in the scriptures that if we will teach our children when they are young, then they will not depart from those teachings when they are old. You and Harold are wonderful parents and Your kids are going to be just fine!

Cote Corner said...

i'd say one of the biggest influences on your children (besides the gospel, and teaching it in your home and by example) is their friends. Who Savannah chooses to be her friends at this school will make a big difference. And as everyone else has said, you have taught her how to choose the right now you have to let her decide. (dont worry.. she'll be fine!)
"We teach them proper principles and let them govern themselves."
Prophet Joseph Smith

Reno Wells said...

I still have 2 years until junior high and I am already seeing the things I dread most from public school. I only hope I have given Ahlah the power to choose the right.

Masters Of Disasters said...

That is so scary. Man I thought it was bad when I was in school, and I didn't ever see anything like that. I guess it has a lot to do with the friends you have. We will pray for you guys. You and harold are great parents, so I'm sure she will be fine.