Sunday, January 20, 2008

Men In Capes

If you have ever seen the movie The Incredibles you will know that there is a problem with super heroes who wear capes. The capes ultimately lead to the superhero downfall by either getting caught in a turbo engine, by a tornado, an elevator or a rocket launcher. This movie pretty much turned me off ever buying my superhero hubby a cape.

So Friday on campus while I was minding my own business (my own business referring to the fact that while I walk I try to stay out of people's way by not making eye contact and just forging ahead, thus making them move out of my way. I am the older person mind you)there was a young man in a cape standing off to the side. This was one of those capes you see in either Star Wars (although this cape was not as cool as something that say Ewan McGregor would wear, and this is coming from a non-cape person), nor was it like Harry Potter's cape (again, a cool cape). I know there are also some druid type people who sport capes as well as possibly Hobbits and a lot of other characters in fantasy literature. This guy was just standing there, staring off into space, with a book bag by his feet. I thought, what is it with strange guys in capes? Don't they know the legends? But, I promptly shuffled the sight of this boy into the back of my brain for future blog material.

Fast forward to two hours later on campus. I am walking along the same quad at school, minding my own business (wink, wink) and lo and behold there stands cape boy again. This time cape boy has decided to sing a solo for the enjoyment of the group. Somebody get this kid a job!

My first instinct is to run over to this boy and cover him up, like he is standing naked on the street corner. But he isn't naked is he? But I still want to throw a sheet over him and corral him into a car and drive him off to his father who needs to spend some more quality time with his young son.

See, when I tell my children to express themselves this cape-wearing isn't exactly what I have in mind. I am all for funky clothes wearing girls with short, dark hair and dark colored glasses wearing thick multicolored tights and layer upon layer of nonmatching clothes. Or the trendy looking guy who wears a jacket with a fur collar. And I never mentioned that I saw some scrubby looking young men on campus the other day who were clearly NOT students, even them I didn't write a whole blog entry about. But the cape people have to go. Really they do.


Cote Corner said...

you're so funny!!! That poor guy.. watch him stumble upon your blog and feel like the idiot he is!! HAHA!! That reminds me, did you see the first episode of american idol? With that star wars chick.. haha!! Those two would make a great couple!

Aunt Beth said...

You are hysterical!

Aunt Beth

Katie and Gary said...

There really are some unique individuals at BYU....mentally irregular if you will. But then again, I'm pretty sure I was one of them. But a cape? That's just wierd.

Juliew8 said...

The entire time I'm reading this I think there's going to be some punch line. I can't believe you witnessed that. You are going to have to write a book called "The non-traditional student." It would be a best seller, at least in mormondome.

jeff said...

Okay. I went through a whole "black phase" while I was at BYU...but I never did wear a cape! Good humor though.

Julie J. said...

We saw some freaky lookin' dudes in Orem today... think moonboots, skinny jeans, and a womans peach colored v-neck tshirt. Oh, and did I mention his shaggy mullet? I thought it was a woman stuck in the 80's at first, but then I decided that since he had a molester mustache that it was a guy. I almost lost my appetite...almost.