Sunday, February 10, 2008

Happy Birthday M

Yesterday was M's birthday. (this is a pic from christmas) I was so busy yesterday that I didn't get a chance to blog about my one and only son. He came into the world at Orem Community Hospital in the wee hours of the morning, weighing 10 pounds 2.5 ounces. I remember the doctor saying, while I was lying there half out of it, that hey, this baby must weight at least 10 pounds. What? I knew he was off his rocker and at that point I didn't care what that kid weighed, I was just glad he was out. Sure enough, he came out a bruiser! Originally we were going to name him Christian. After calling him that for a couple of hours and after my mom, Carrie and Julie had left the hospital Harold turned to me and said he didn't think the name was right for this boy. I agreed. We started scanning the phone book for possibilities. We didn't have a name book with us because the name had been settled years earlier, our first boy would be named Christian. It turned out that M was born on the anniversary day of my grandfather's death in 1976 and his last name was McGiven. I liked the idea of using the first part of his name. At that point there were girls being named McKenzie so we had to be careful. I am not sure how it came up but one of us said how about M? We both loved it. M's middle name is H's grandfather's middle name. It was a fitting tribute to our boy who came out with all the grace of a truck and to my grandfather and to Harold's grandfather.

M may have come barreling into this world without much delicacy and he continues to love ALL sports and cannot quit moving unless he is asleep, but he has been a sweet, sensitive boy. Let us take the scout motto and see how my M fits:

A Scout is...

Trustworthy: If he says he is going to do it, he does it.
Loyal: He loves his family with a fierceness and a dedication that amazes me. He insisted on spending birthday money on Sav when he went shopping.
Helpful: When he is motivated, he is a great helper.
Friendly: He has lots of friends and wants to play all day long.
Courteous: He is sensitive to his mother's and his sister's feelings.
Kind: He worries about other children, especially the underdog.
Obedient: He tries very hard to be obedient. He knows what time he is supposed to be home after playing and watches the clock faithfully so that I can count on him to be home exactly when I tell him to.
Cheerful: He rarely gets angry, but when he out! But overall he loves life and has a wonderfully cheery disposition.
Thrifty: He is a great saver. He likes to spend too, but can see long-term goals and will save his money in order to obtain those goals.
Clean: He is a boy, so he gets dirty, and sometimes smells like nasty old socks, but where it really counts, on the inside, this kid is a true moral compass.
Reverent: Nope. Sorry. He has never, ever been reverent. He has so much energy in him this is a true struggle for him. But I don't mind, all I know is that the older he gets the more he tries to be reverent.

As you can see we are a blessed family. There are times when I/we get down that there we weren't blessed with more children. But let's be honest....we got the cream of the crop, the best of the best, the creme de la creme. We love our little family and we wouldn't be complete without our beautiful M.


Cote Corner said...

Hey! It was fun seeing you guys yesterday! I hope M had a great Birthday!!! :) He sure is a q.t.

Brittany said...

happy birthyday m! you are a great kid and i am so happy to have you as my nephew. many happy wishes to you on your new year!

Holley, Dane Brien & Wesley Berry said...

Happy Birthday! He sounds like an awesome kid. Must be the product of some pretty awesome parents. Give him a hug from his cousins in North Carolina.

mom/Janet said...

Happy Birthday!!! So, what is his middle name? Could it be my grandfather's name also?
Yep, we're back but I'm eye high with things to do. Will touch base with the weight blog soon.

Cote Corner said...

hey.. i thought it might be easier to catch you here then with your email.. I wanted to know what your favorite restaruants in SLC are? justin and i are staying there thur. night and I dont know whats around!?!

hyker said...

It still kind of freaks me out that you guys have kids that are that old. We're still young, right?